Kasur: Father arrested for selling his 12-year-old daughter into sex-slavery for 500 Pakistani Rupees


Kasur is in the headlines yet again – and for all the wrong reasons. However, this time the culprit is stranger or a distant relative, but the victim’s own father.

According to media reports, police have arrested an individual in Kasur for selling his own 12-year-old daughter into sex-slavery. A complaint was lodged against the after of the victim as well as the man who sexually abused her on behalf of the victim’s mother. She claims her husband invited a man in their house, charging him a fee of 500 Pakistani Rupees to allow him to sexually abuse their daughter.

She was at work when the incident happened but her daughter told her everything as soon as she came back home. Meanwhile, both culprits managed to escape.

The victim was taken to Pattoki THQ Hospital for her medical examination, where tests confirmed that it was indeed a case of attempted rape. However, initial investigations revealed that the man who sexually abused the victim after paying money to her father had also been arrested in a child abuse case back in 2013 but he managed to get off scot-free.

A case under sections 376 (of rape), 371-A (selling a person for the purposes of prostitution), 371-B (buying a person for the purposes of prostitution) of PPC has been lodged against the suspects. The police are now conducting raids in order to find and arrest the culprits.

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