Kasur: Boy kills both his sisters for serving him ‘incomplete’ lunch

Remember the infamous “Apna khana khud garam karo” posters from last year’s Aurat March? So many people over social media didn’t seem to understand the point, a lot even went as far as to say “These aren’t issues of real women” “The march was just a sham”.

Those posters were made because a woman was killed for not having a hot plate of dinner ready for her husband as he returned from work. Even though she too had come home from work – the food only needed to be microwaved. Yet, she died because of it.

A trivial problem – received a punishment she wouldn’t wake up from.

And now, a boy in Kasur wasn’t served a trifle after lunch. According to the FIR lodged by his Father Rafiq Masih, his son Ashar Masih seemed very angry. What did he do to remedy his problem? He first yelled at his sisters, Maryam and Astar Bibi and then using his gun, he rained bullets on them.

Maryam died right there and then while Astar was rushed to a hospital, but she too didn’t survive.

The suspect managed to escape. However, police ‘claimed’ to have arrested him.  
Further investigation is still under way.

Where has our world come to? Where women are killed over a dessert?
Or how hot or cold someone’s meal was?

Instead of burying our heads under the sand when women talk about how they still haven’t reached equality as citizens – listen.

Listen to their stories and acknowledge them. Any issue one woman talks about is faced by so many others that can’t raise their voice. Nothing is “too trivial” – If it matters to one person enough to talk about it, listen, instead of tearing them down.

We need to listen to change the way our surroundings work.

  • […] This isn’t the first time women have died over food in Pakistan. Sadly, this is something that keeps happening. A few months ago we saw the story of the girl who was killed because she served a roti that wasn’t round enough and the two sisters who were killed for serving their brother an incomplete lunch. […]

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