Karachi: Old woman caught ‘catfishing’ men on Facebook using her niece’s pictures

Can you ever be sure of WHO you are talking to over the internet?

A woman in Karachi has been arrested by the Cyber-crime wing of the FIA for misleading people by using her own niece’s pictures on social media.

According to the reports, this lady made a profile on Facebook and trapped unsuspecting men by using pictures of her niece.

Shockingly enough, she used to lure men into giving her various gifts such as mobile cards and other items.

Now, how did she get exposed? Well, it turns out she had a young man fooled for about 7 years. The thought that he was being deceived by a 60-year-old woman had never crossed his mind.

One day he happened to come across the old lady’s niece’s actual profile on Facebook. After messaging her, the whole story came out in the open.  He told the young girl that someone is impersonating her and using her pictures to trap other men on Facebook.

The boy then filed a complaint with the FIA and strict action was taken against the accused lady.

She confessed to her crimes and also agreed that what she had done by using pictures of her niece was unethical and wrong.

All this being said, how safe is the internet? Can you actually trust or believe anything, anyone says on social media? This isn’t the first time people have been impersonating others and living a ‘double-life’. The problem lies with us trusting and getting attached to people who aren’t exactly who they seem.


Incidents like these make us wonder how far people can go to deceive someone. It affirms our belief that in this day and age you can trust no one.

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