KARACHI: Mosque-goers attack female police officer for imposing coronavirus lockdown

In order to curb the spread of the coronavirus covid-19 the Pakistani government has imposed a ban on large public gatherings. These gatherings include mosques.

5 times a day, everyday Muslims gather in mosques to offer prayers. On Friday, the Friday prayer gathering is always the largest congregation of them all. This makes it a very dangerous place amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Mosques are only allowed to let 4-5 people inside on Fridays from 1pm-3pm, maintain a safe distance while praying and the rest of the people are advised to pray in their homes to protect the community as a whole.

A lot of people are taking this ban as an infringement on their freedom to religion. They continue to show up and gather, increasing the risk of spreading the virus by tenfold every time.

Now, they’re getting violent.

Sharafat Khan is a female SHO in Pirabad, Pakistan. It was reported that there is a massive gathering of people at the local mosque there proceeding to offer the Friday prayer. She went there to make sure that doesn’t happen. She tried to implement the lockdown orders.

What she was met with were stones hurled at her.

Video of the incident made rounds on social media. You can clearly see SHO Sharafat Khan injured while large groups of men are rushing out of the mosque.

She’s seen visibly upset and says that she’s been attacked and says that the attackers also broke her glasses.

The video shows just how massive the crowd was. In times like these where everyone is being responsible and social distancing, this comes as a shock. To see a gathering that large when they’ve been told the dangers is irresponsible.

Attacking anyone isn’t okay, especially attacking an officer.

The rules are being imposed for everyone’s collective safety. Officers and government officials have nothing against your right to pray. Praying at home will keep you and your family away from the added risk of contracting the virus.

The DIG west and the SSP of the area have been prompted by a judicial magistrate to submit a report on this incident.

*This is a developing story and will be updated accordingly*

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