Karachi: 5 year old girl runs naked in the bazar, bite marks all over her face

When a child is 5 years old, they’ve just learnt how to communicate better than a toddler, they start speaking in full sentences, they understand jokes and riddles, they become real tiny humans. This is a precious age and you want to protect your children and show them all that’s good in the world. 

Sadly, this wasn’t what a little girl in Karachi experienced. Instead she went through the worst horrors even a full grown adult can be permanently traumatized by. 

A video by “Jami Noor” surfaced on Facebook where he explained what had happened to the child. 

This 5 year old girl was running naked in the bazar full of people, screaming and crying with her shorts in her hands and blood all over her and the clothing in her hands, thighs bruised and bite marks all over her face. 

There are only 4 Medico Legal Officers in Karachi. A city with a population of almost 15 million people. There’s only 4 MLOs? Without adequate Medical Officers preparation of reports regarding murder, physical attacks, sexual assaults and age determination would be faulty and as a result perpetrators can debase convictions in the court. How can only 4 be enough? 

The child was brought to the nearest hospital, Jinnah Hospital Karachi, the police were called and initially they told the parents to “just say she fell from a bike”.

How exactly does falling from a bike leave you naked and with bite marks on you? 

The child wasn’t met with the MLO for over 24 hours. Survivors of rape/assault need to get their medical tests done within the first 48 hours to have better chances of DNA retrieval and this child wasn’t even met with an officer for a full 24 hours? Granted DNA can still be collected days after but it’s critical to get evidence as early as possible. There’s NO reason why a survivor is made to wait a full day and night. This wait, not knowing what’s going on added to the trauma of the child. 

At this point the video had made its rounds all over social media, Nadia Jamil, posted on her twitter account asking someone for any sort of help in this matter and tagged Shireen Mazari and then the news blew up. 

Mr Mir Sarfaraz Baloch got involved and made sure a proper FIR was registered. All the pressure was working.

How sad is it that in order to get an FIR registered there had to be outrage on social media? 

According to MPA Rabia A.Nizami the negligence the child faced was too much to bear and she was taken by the Child Protection Authority and admitted into a private hospital instead. Where she could actually be heard. Her tests were done and she’s now on medication for the next week. Afterwards she’ll be moved to Aga Khan University Hospital for follow ups and rehab therapy. The case now will be watched over by the Constituency MNA/MPA. 

They have one suspect under arrest and are hoping that even though it had been a long wait before the DNA tests were done the samples are adequate and that it matches the suspect. 

When will the day come where we wake up? Why are we pretending like Rape and sexual assault is not happening in Pakistan? Children are reported to have been raped EVERY SINGLE DAY. Why is there no proper system set in every hospital where they actually take survivors seriously and start the due process immediately? All the negligence does is help the perpetrators get away – making the hospitals and officers of the law part of the problem. 

  • Maria says:

    Shame to the rulers of the so called islamic country

  • Avi says:

    Filthy animal

  • Umme Sarfaraaz says:

    Sad or rather disgusting to note the emojies whereby some people find this shameful painful inhumane incident to be amusing ? One has to also have a mind similar to that sickening molestor to find this incident amusing. May Allah grant them hidayah ameen

  • Greer says:

    It is sad but is she OK now in 2020

  • Greer says:

    Hown did she get the bite marks?

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