Islamabad: Man pulls a gun on an Animal rescuer, tells her “I can easily drag you inside”

Anila Umair is an animal rescuer in Islamabad. She runs an organisation called the “Critters Ark Welfare Organisation”. Through the organisation, she collects funds and aids adoption for stray and abandoned animals.

This line of work is incredibly difficult. These rescuers tend to wounded and malnourished animals on a daily basis. Providing them with a loving home whether it’s permanent or fostered – they get them off the streets and in good health again.

The way most of these organisations work is by letting regular citizens report abandoned or abused animals. The rescuers then visit the area and extract the animal, taking it to a hospital or to their shelters depending on its condition.

Anila received a worried text by someone who reported that there was a malnourished Labrador, tied to the floor of a highrise building, alone and scared – abused for who knows how long. The woman was worried about the dog’s survival and asked Anila if she could come to rescue the dog.

Anila along with her vet went to visit the dog and saw that it needed medical attention. They went to the owner’s apartment and asked him for permission to take the dog away for medical treatment – saying that they’d been told by his neighbours that he isn’t well and can’t take the dog himself. They told him they’d take the dog, treat him and bring him back.

He refused and said that they should do look at the 40 dogs in the streets instead. His dog is a pet and doesn’t need rescuing. To which Anila replied “Animal rights apply to all animals – even pets”

He declined and shut the door, only to open it back seconds later with a gun in his hand and told her that they are on his property and that he can use the gun if he has to. Even though Anila and the vet were outside, in the general staircase of the building.

Here he says to her “I can drag you inside too”

At this point, Anila and the vet had no option but to retreat. They had to leave the dog with the owner.

Later at night, it rained and hailed heavily in Islamabad. The dog, still on the roof, with no shelter whatsoever, left chained just sat in the extreme weather all by himself

Anila uploaded the videos on Facebook and called out for help. This type of animal abuse shouldn’t be swept under the rug. Something needs to happen. The poor animal needs to get out of that situation. It’s inhumane to sit and just wait for him to die. Animals have just as much of a right to live as humans do. This isn’t okay.

Anila’s organisation:

  • Shumail Ansari says:

    This man needs to get to a mental hospital ?

  • Cotton says:

    They should contact the police or an animal welfare society in Pakistan

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