Gas heater claims the life of a 6-month-old baby in Lahore

As winter rolls in, heaters become a necessity in every home. With temperatures dropping well below zero in many parts of Pakistan, it’s not surprising that heaters are being used left right and center.

Adults need to stay warm, but it’s even more important to keep babies wrapped up as the temperature lowers over the winter. 

This has to be done carefully. 

Every year hundreds of people in Pakistan lose their lives because of gas heaters. 

Only 4 days into the new year, A six-month-old baby died in Lahore. The baby’s father is SHO Asif Idrees. 

Mr. Idrees wasn’t at home at the time of the incident – his family had left the baby unattended near a gas heater and gone upstairs to another portion of their home. 

The baby was wrapped in a blanket, near the heater. This may have seemed like the best way to keep her warm but the blanket fell on to the heater and caught on fire.

Anyone who’s ever seen a cloth catch fire knows how quickly it spreads – the fire reached the baby and she was severely burnt.

The family noticed something was wrong after they saw smoke coming out of the room. By the time they got to the baby, she was critically injured. 

She was rushed to the hospital but succumbed to her injuries shortly after. 

Incidents like this happen every day, there are gas leaks, explosions and fires all over the country. Some of these make it to the news and most don’t – but we know it happens.

We need to be more responsible – gas heaters don’t seem as dangerous as an open fire but they are. We need to be more careful to safeguard ourselves and our families when these heaters are in use. 

Our hearts go out to SHO Asif Idrees
and his family at this difficult time. 

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