”With time, the differences between men and women will disappear”, CJP Khosa hints at having female judges soon

In an extremely positive development, Chief Justice Asif Saeed Khosa has hinted at having female judges soon! He announced on Sunday it while addressing a conference in Lahore. The step will not only open new avenues for women in the field but will also change the conventional image conservative society carries, that women cannot be strong decision-makers.

Speaking at the conference, Chief Justice of Pakistan said that justice does not have any gender, and the Supreme Court will soon have female judges to bridge the gap. He mentioned when he heard an honorable judge being referred to as ‘Mrs’, when her identity is her own profession and she does not need to be called a ‘wife’ to be defined.

“I heard a judge named Ayesha Malik being referred to as Mrs. Ayesha Malik. I thought whether justice has any wives. No, she is an honorable judge and that alone should suffice,” he said.

The audience clapped on his statement to express their appreciation. Chief Justice Khosa said that with time, the differences between men and women will disappear. To make it possible, the top court is making every possible effort to narrow down the gender gap and encourage more women to be a part of the judiciary. For that, the Supreme Court is also making efforts to make the atmosphere favorable, safe and secure for women.

Applauding female judges for working in male-dominated fields and overcoming unconventional challenges, Chief Justice said that female representation in the top judiciary is an absolute need of the hour. He said that s softness was needed in certain cases, and only women judges can exhibit compassion and professionalism simultaneously.

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  • Ali says:

    Aur maryam ko bail di hai aurat hone k farq pe wo kab khatam hoga

  • Awais Ali says:

    لانت ہے ایسے نظام پر

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