Photos of Canada’s High Commissioner to Pakistan in Hunza are the most heart-warming thing on the internet

Wendy Gilmour, the Canadian High Commissioner to Pakistan, is having the time of her life in Hunza Valley.

Gilmour is bringing the community together to ensure that we achieve a ‘clean and green’ Pakistan. She is working sternly on the purpose of solid waste management. Not only is she exploring the wonders that Hunza has to offer, but her goal is to support projects that aim at developing Pakistan’s tourism industry. She also visited Attabad lake, where she discussed the execution of waste disposal management.

Other than this, Wendy is encouraging young girls from Hunza to take part in adventurous activities. With the ‘Winter Sports Festival’, she has also been teaching young girls and boys how to play hockey by properly coaching them.

Here are pictures from her journey:

She has been tweeting on and off about her experience. This is what she said about Pakistani women:

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