7-year-old raped & killed by paternal uncle who now wants to be “forgiven”

Not all monsters live under our beds. Some are living inside our homes and within our safe walls. Some monsters are good at masking it, and our parents and protectors think we are ”safe” around them. 7-year-old Sidra’s story will make you believe it.

Incest is one of the ideas that Pakistani society finds most difficult to digest. It is almost impossible to make this holy society believe that it does happen, it is prevalent, and denial is not helping the situation.

Incest or rape within a family tops the list of sex crimes that are not reported. We still struggle to grasp the idea that it can come from first or mehram relations. However, we need to understand that it entirely depends on the power structure and a dominant person exploiting the weak.

Recently, Sidra’s case validates what I just said. She was taken from bed, killed, and then dead body raped. Her rapist? Her own paternal uncle (Chaachu). Not just this. Even when the 7-year-old was lifeless, he continued to molest her dead body.

According to the media reports, the professional command of City Police officer DIG Mohammad Faisal Rana confirmed that the accused, Wali Allah, confessed to his heinous crime in front of the police.


Wali Allah confessed his first attempt at kidnapping his niece failed because her mother woke up. On the second attempt, he covered her mouth with his hand to stop her from screaming, due to which little Sidra fell unconscious. Later on, she died because of suffocation. The accused confessed that he first killed his niece then raped her corpse.

CPO Muhammad Faisal Rana said that people like him are a curse to humanity who violate the sanctity of such honorable relationships. He is hopeful that the culprit will be severely punished, setting an example for others.

What are your views on this? Share with us in the comments bar below.

  • Ghulam says:

    Very sad …. now tell me what this case has to do with incest

  • Tayyiba Irfan says:

    I think this culprit should be hanged to death publicly


    I believe he should be hanged. How could you do that to an innocent little niece.
    If a dog can be put down for attacking a child
    Why don’t you hang him for harming and killing a little girl.
    She was your niece
    Please don’t trust anyone with your daughters family or no family.

  • Sick of these knobs says:

    Kill the bastard the same way

  • Maya says:

    Sansaar kar do sar e Aam.

  • Sam says:

    Hang him in public

  • Sam says:

    Hung him no mercy

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