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10-year-old raped 100 times – left with tears of blood

Madrassas and religious schools have existed for hundreds of years, even before formal education was introduced. Today, they mostly teach Islamic subjects and how to memorize the Quran. This is the biggest reason that people enroll their children into madrassas, so they have more of an understanding of Islam and can be closer to the creator.

To Muslim parents, the safest place their children can be is within the four walls of the mosque. They’re supposed to be free of all forms of evil and a ‘pure’ place – where they are safe and secure.

However, this ‘immunity’ from questioning has provided a secure gateway for the exploitation and abuse of children at the hands of the Molvis there. As the stigma is coming off slowly, it has revealed one horrifying reality: Rapes at Madrassas.

Rape is on the opposite spectrum of worship. We’d never expect something like this to happen at places of worship, we can turn a blind eye and pretend it doesn’t happen, but it does – All.The.Time.

This week, a Madrassa teacher in Mansehra named Shamsuddin, with the help of 3 other accomplices, raped a 10-year-old child – over a 100 times.

Read it again – ONE HUNDRED TIMES.

The child had gone through it so many times that he was rushed to the hospital when his eyes started to bleed.

ten-year-old cried Khoon ke ansoo because he was repeatedly subjected to rape.

In addition, he also faced inhumane amounts of torture too – piling on to his trauma. The child’s health was constantly deteriorating and he was moved to Ayub Medical Complex.  Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s Chief Minister has taken notice of the incident and has instructed authorities to arrest the culprits as soon as possible.

Usually, in Pakistan whenever you talk about rape, it’s immediately followed by lots of questions like “what was she wearing?” “What was she doing out late at night?” “Where were her parents?” “She must’ve done something to invite the rape”

Why do we only assume women get raped? Child rapes are being reported every single day and a lot of these children are boys. Little boys, who shouldn’t have to deal with anything like this.

Is there ever going to be a day where our children are safe from horrors like this?

Saveera Naveed

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  • It just sick to read this cound happen to a child it took years to my eyes when I read this it sad and sick

  • death penalty to all child molesters and killers around the world! that should be the number 1 international LAW!!!

  • I will happily kill every one of these animals. It's the first time I've ever wanted to kill anyone but for this kid and what the poor little guys been through, I would happily kill each and every one of them as slowly and painfully as I could. It would be worth life in prison.

  • This inanity to children has to stop. These people are cowards. Raping children who can't fight back. This is disgrace to the human race. This is not human....this is not even animal. World wake up for the SAKE OF THE CHILD.

  • No one male or female should be treated like this..... but innocent children being treated like they are nothing just a waste basket by sick men is indefensible. Go back, read your Koran or your bible,
    just show me one religious book that says it’s ok to hurt another human being

  • There is so much child rape and people don't even know because of the child porn laws you can only tell about it when there is pictorial proof A picture speaks loader then words.

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