10-year-old raped 100 times – left with tears of blood

Madrassas and religious schools have existed for hundreds of years, even before formal education was introduced. Today, they mostly teach Islamic subjects and how to memorize the Quran. This is the biggest reason that people enroll their children into madrassas, so they have more of an understanding of Islam and can be closer to the creator. 

To Muslim parents, the safest place their children can be is within the four walls of the mosque. They’re supposed to be free of all forms of evil and a ‘pure’ place – where they are safe and secure.

However, this ‘immunity’ from questioning has provided a secure gateway for the exploitation and abuse of children at the hands of the Molvis there. As the stigma is coming off slowly, it has revealed one horrifying reality: Rapes at Madrassas. 

Rape is on the opposite spectrum of worship. We’d never expect something like this to happen at places of worship, we can turn a blind eye and pretend it doesn’t happen, but it does – All.The.Time.

This week, a Madrassa teacher in Mansehra named Shamsuddin, with the help of 3 other accomplices, raped a 10-year-old child – over a 100 times. 

Read it again – ONE HUNDRED TIMES. 

The child had gone through it so many times that he was rushed to the hospital when his eyes started to bleed. 

ten-year-old cried Khoon ke ansoo because he was repeatedly subjected to rape. 

In addition, he also faced inhumane amounts of torture too – piling on to his trauma. The child’s health was constantly deteriorating and he was moved to Ayub Medical Complex.  Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s Chief Minister has taken notice of the incident and has instructed authorities to arrest the culprits as soon as possible. 

Usually, in Pakistan whenever you talk about rape, it’s immediately followed by lots of questions like “what was she wearing?” “What was she doing out late at night?” “Where were her parents?” “She must’ve done something to invite the rape” 

Why do we only assume women get raped? Child rapes are being reported every single day and a lot of these children are boys. Little boys, who shouldn’t have to deal with anything like this. 

Is there ever going to be a day where our children are safe from horrors like this? 

  • zahida abro says:

    it is an open secret now that it happens here simultaneously with male and female students. Young girls get pregnant , parents give cover to those culpurits due to poorness. it is happening even in churches. Vatican city is church is not safe from it. only a scientific approch with wisdom can save our future.

    • Sub says:

      I know…the scientific approach with wisdom is to ban all behaya and fahash tv broadcasting and controlled internet and stoning the culprit publicly. Anything less than this won’t work..

  • Asad says:

    Who can lead me to this pervert?

  • Isabella says:

    The only punishment these criminals deserve is public death sentence in front of their families, neighbors and friends!!

  • Tariq says:

    Despicable act. Alongside taking stringent corrective measures, we need to introspect as a society as to what is wrong with us? Why has there been such significant increase in abuse cases? We need to educate the people as to how they can safeguard their children against sexual predators who are quite large in number. Should we shift to sex education to sensitize the children towards this menace?

    • Elizabeth says:

      You are spot on. Sex education is key to prevention. Educating children about their bodies helps them create their own boundaries. A child that has no concept of sex wouldn’t understand that it’s not supposed to be something that occurs between a child and an adult.

  • Zollah Reddy says:

    They need a public execution stabbed at least 300 times then chopped every hour until the last drop of blood ? then die

  • KP Nesen says:

    Never ever trust your children with anyone. Feel very angry n sad for the boy.

  • Shaherazade says:

    This is sad in any society. When they know they can get away with doing it to a woman and the blame will be placed on her they believe they can get away with anything. It’s time they hold men accountable for crimes they commit against women, children, society etc..make an example of these men. This child did not deserve this, no one does!

  • Layla says:

    There’s only one punishment befitting the act. Sharia law

  • Alma Flowers says:

    Where was the father while this little boy was being raped and tortured? I’d kill the sick perverts that did this to the little boy! Obviously they got pleasure in doing this so doesn’t Islam condemn Homosexuality which this is clearly why these perverts were doing this to the little boy ! Time for severe justice !

  • LaVerne says:

    They need to be castrated!!!!!

  • Huma malik says:

    Our nation has become just uncivilised savage animal like these criminal minds who are servants of there bad deeds & cruel attempts are made on innocent victims. Shame on them.

  • nancy says:

    God will repay their abominations

    • Robert Erin Hansen says:

      God gave humanity permission to deal with these animals themselves. We should not be passing the buck to God. God empowered us to handle such bastards. We should hang them by the neck until dead. God will support such action. We should hang every drug dealer and cane every user of illicit drugs. We should remove one hand of every thief after 3 warnings with the exception of hunger prompting theft of food. We should use our common sense which God provided us with. This New Zealander’s opinion.

      • Paula says:

        Thou shalt not kill…one of his commandments…no ifs ands or buts…killing under any circumstances is not right.
        He did not give us permission to kill nor empower us to deal with such ones. He would not be pleased. In Deuteronomy 32: 35. GOD said Vengeance is mine, and retribution, at the appointed time when their foot slips, for the day of their disaster is near, and what awaits them will come quickly. We should be thankful that the judgement is not ours because if left in the hands of people there would be total chaos.

  • colind davies says:

    Castrate the culprits with a blunt rusty knife and leave them to bleed out.

  • Barrie Freeman says:

    I am an old man , British and living in the UK, I have seen reports of these atrocities which happen in all religions and it shames me and the whole human race that these people get away with it.The only way to beat this is for our Governments to crack down with zero tolerance on these people who commit crimes against children and young adults and the only way is for the the people to stand up and be counted and insist that politicians take notice or they will lose their jobs.These are crimes against humanity.

  • Cindy Due Slocum says:

    Judgement by our creator is coming. We are in the end times and these people that comment these crimes are evil and Unfortunately it’s happening all over this world. It’s pure evil.

  • Amina says:

    If the perpetrator dealt with an innocent soul in such an inhumane way i feel he should be given nothing less in return. I call for the shariah to be implemented and that will be a fair punishment. What i would like to reiterate that with no amount of torture or punishment will erase the emotional scars this victim is feeling. May the Almighty remove all these sick souls in our socities. The saddest of all they paint a picture of piety in disguise. Thats disgusting.!!

  • Moolood says:

    This vile hypocrite deserves to have a rusty fire extinguisher pushed up his rectum with brute force.

  • Marina says:

    My heart for this poor little child and others that go through this. These men MUST be made accountable for their actions.
    Men that do this are dirty, filthy B******s

  • Lopez says:

    This animal ho disstroyed kids life only medicine is good a bullit between hi,s eyes

  • Ella says:

    This poor child will never overcome this demonic abuse. The sub-human who did this to an innocent child should be castrated and then hung. This is barbaric and the culture that supports this is from the Stone age

  • Saima Shakeel says:

    This brutal so called molvi should be punished as per islamic law in front of people. He is responsible for not only such act of brutality but he disgraced the religion, Islam. Curse this man!!!!!!

  • Lynn says:

    This site is about women and girls, not about boys. Why would you include this story about a so-called male “victim”? This is just another way to take attention away from women and girls.

    • Aliah says:

      What is wrong with you? I am a woman and I am ashamed by your words. My sons deserve everything my daughter does, neither is better then the other! Seek help please

    • Meme says:

      Lynn your an idiot! Any harm to any child is an atrocity !!!
      I hope the young child is okay, anyone raped is a victim.

    • Tammy says:

      You have got to be joking? What kind of person would say such a thing about a child that has been raped? No one is taking anything away from anyone. I am sure that poor boy would have been more than happy to allow you to take his place, that way you could have all the attention for said crime. Unbelievable and you are a mother! Shame on you.

  • Vijay says:

    There has to be universal unique law against such things and punishment has to be harsh

  • Eileen London says:

    all pedophiles should be chemically castrated. you have to stop the abuse, which is often handed down by a perpetrator who has been raped. It is an inoculation to stop the spread .

  • Regina Mobley says:

    My. God. Please. Send. Them. To. Prison. So. They. May. Get. Rape. 2000. Times. Poor. Baby. Never. Be. Well

  • Bhooma says:

    Horrendous offence. Let the law of the land prevail. If law is wanting let the government and ruling party take necessary actions to amend law so that perpetrators get the harshest punishment

  • Guest says:

    Cut those bastdards into pieces

  • Josevata Ratuvou says:

    What a shame. Something harsh needs to be done to the culprits. They need to be raped 200 times.

  • Loretta DeWitt says:

    It is a sin to rape a child!

  • skhan says:

    Simply in a hard rule against this type of person.in islam too death punishment, This type of people able for only Death punishment .

  • Ram jattan says:

    Shoot the rapist they dont no how traumatized the victims goring thru whole lyf

  • Connie says:


  • Hasan says:

    I blame the parents too for being so negligent. These Mullahs should be castrated . So so sad

    • Sharon Clark says:

      How is it the parents fault? They send their child to school with trust that the teachers there will be fine in their care, custody and control as in public schools!

  • Hasan says:

    I blame the parents too for being so negligent or maybe he was an orphan but these Mullahs should be all castrated . So sooo sad.

  • Paul Mitchell says:

    Once again a phedophile has used the “veil of religion” to abuse a child!…Christian, Catholic, Islamic…Religions all around the world are full of these sick bast~~ds!

  • Rab Nawaz says:

    This rapist Shamsuddin must be hanged publicly as a rapist was hanged in Lahore during Gen Zia’s regime.

  • Jeanne Gleimius says:

    Please just stop defining purity in the name of any Religion…

  • Aisha Malik says:

    Shame on all of those who think its amusing; please don’t use emoticon to show how horrible you are. Btw Is there a way to get in touch with the family? I wonder if they need any help.

    • Dottie says:

      Thank you for your comment. I think you were the only post that was concerned for the family. ❤️

  • Robin says:

    My prayers goes out to the children

  • co pa says:

    SHARIA LAW and QURAN says the victim of rape is always to blame for the rape, and must be punished. The rapers are not to blame, because the rape victim must have done something to cause the rape.

    • CM says:

      Does that justify what the child had to go through?
      Also, does this mean that the rapists should go free and still do the same to another victim?
      This is so f***ked up

    • FM1403 says:

      You don’t what the hell you talking…
      Come with facts that show the Quraan and Sharia Law shows you this is fine?
      See people like yoh are dumb and like to cause problems amongst the Muslims.
      If you got nothing better to say… SHUT UP!

    • Alina L Mirza says:

      You are the most ignorant person to write such a comment. This is 100% lies. Victims are never blamed In Islam and under Shariah law rapists are the ones to blame and punished most severely.

    • Brenda Russell says:

      Are you for real?? how would you like it to happen to you? Or are you so pure it couldn’t happen to you.

    • Atif says:

      And where do you get this from?

  • A S says:

    Rape is rape .
    The age that this is happening to is beyond rape .lts the sickest,lowest act . No excuse . Can’t hide behind what ever religion or culture they believe is there god for saken right . They use the child like a piece of meat .Makes me sooooooo ###### angry . Give them to me . I’d show no mercy at all .

  • Pauliina Kemppainen says:

    Humanity is on the edge. We have created this hell on earth. It is in our hands to bring our consciousness back to the state of peace and love. Let`s bray all together the heaven taking place on earth.

  • Albert Savani says:

    They are so sick they’re backwards they blame the rate on the victim it’s their fault how flawed is they’re thinking

  • Brenda Russell says:

    The people responsible for such cruelty should be take out in public and hanged.

  • Max says:

    These are not people they are animals and should be punishe at all vost

  • Katherine says:

    This is terrible the poor child scared for life. No religion should protect a rapist. To rape a child is the worse thing, when found the perpetrators should be castrated slowly with no pain relief, then hang them.???

  • Kim says:

    Even animal do not have sex with younger animal..

  • Aisha khalil says:

    These people should be castrated and stoned to death….no child should have to go through such torture…the child and family are in my duas

  • ######## says:

    I think that only the death penalty should be given to such monsters for there inhuman behavior, they clearly don’t practice religion and have no common sense as well, its really sad to see this happening to children and that to on a every day bases.

  • Gospel preacher says:

    These people will go to ETERNAL HELL !!!

  • Helen Olchak Otero says:

    This is a very sad side of any culture.

  • T. M. Ahmed says:

    This is a very very serious problems it should be dealt with were ever it exists especially in madressas it is a reality ALLAH SAVE US AND PROTECT ALL OUR CHILDREN.

  • Lil Harley says:

    That is just sick that this little kid innocent n pure had to be done like that. I hope they arrest them and castrate them.

  • Raven says:

    They want hanging

  • Fra Farr says:

    There is so much child rape and people don’t even know because of the child porn laws you can only tell about it when there is pictorial proof A picture speaks loader then words.

  • Susan says:

    No one male or female should be treated like this….. but innocent children being treated like they are nothing just a waste basket by sick men is indefensible. Go back, read your Koran or your bible,
    just show me one religious book that says it’s ok to hurt another human being

  • Janet says:

    Did this happen in one day? Where were the parents?

  • geraldine flannigan says:

    This inanity to children has to stop. These people are cowards. Raping children who can’t fight back. This is disgrace to the human race. This is not human….this is not even animal. World wake up for the SAKE OF THE CHILD.

  • Tammy says:

    It is a horrible sin against God and his children when our society becomes predators over women and children. The Bible says if you hurt one of Gods lambs you will certainly spend eternity in Hell. Which is exactly where these evil men belong. That poor child’s life will never be the same. He will have trust issues from here on out. I hope they find them and they execute them for their crimes

  • JET says:

    I will happily kill every one of these animals. It’s the first time I’ve ever wanted to kill anyone but for this kid and what the poor little guys been through, I would happily kill each and every one of them as slowly and painfully as I could. It would be worth life in prison.

  • tRuth be said says:

    These pieces of shit who laugh at this kid’s misery should be subjected to it themselves

  • Guest says:

    Absolutely disgusting,these people need to be shot or let women deal with them


    death penalty to all child molesters and killers around the world! that should be the number 1 international LAW!!!

  • Catherine mcathur says:

    It just sick to read this cound happen to a child it took years to my eyes when I read this it sad and sick

  • Ziham says:

    This is Shocking! What horrible world these poor children are living without respect and love! Education, therapy, and pray to Lord Jesus are fundamental for these people

  • ROC says:

    I’m not a Violent person, but in this case, I would Spread Honey on his face, and release Locust & Bee’s on Him, then whip him under his Feet !

  • John says:

    I feel physically sick from this it’s so evil.

  • Elizabeth York says:

    Disgusting human species, rapists should be exterminated!

  • Maria says:

    Disposable & Horrifying. Haram, the poor angel. I am sorry for you dear child

  • Hazel Hollingsworth says:


  • Theresa Keeling says:

    Little boys, who shouldn’t have to deal with anything like this. .. Do you think girls should? No child should. No woman should. These are sick individuals, doing this. My prayers for healing to this and every child that has gone through this ordeal. Father God be with the children going through this. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen .

  • Me says:

    Would be better to have a millstone around your neck rather than the wrath of God coming your way.

  • nashima ali says:

    this is so barbaric, sickening and horrific. these people should be punished with no mercy.

  • Ricrac says:

    These EVIL men should be HUNG immediately!

  • Donna says:

    Sending prayers of healing to this child and ALL who have endured this horrific torture.

  • Des Euen says:

    Mandatory death sentance for any one that rapes or even exploits children

    • Lulu says:

      ????????????????????100% AGREE.
      We have to STOP these Disgusting Predators and make them Suffer for the Physical & Mental Torture

  • Abraham Stubenhaus says:

    I have seen videos where the head of the school has a sticking his hand and Beach kids who didn’t listen and there Muslims who have told me then when they were kids he’s to get beat up all the time unfortunately there are some places in the Jewish schools in the Catholic schools any other places where children are treated terribly these places have to come back into the 21st century we no longer live in the fifteen hundreds

  • Dan Manson says:

    This will only end when the ideology of Islam has been eradicated from the world.

      • Lulu says:

        Dirty SCUM – this is WHY THIS SICK Ideaology should be BANNED in ALL Civilised Western Countries. And either STOP The building of their mosques or deny them the right of refusing access to Police or authorities – look @ the Sick Paedophiles of this IDEALOLOGY….

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