5 Feminist shows that you need to watch on Netflix right now!

When it comes to creating content for people of all groups, Netflix definitely has been leading the charts. For the past couple of years, the platform has been on its A-game.

If you are craving that feeling of womxn-empowerment, and are constantly on the search for TV shows/movies that revolve around a more ‘female-related theme’, then your hunt has come to an end. We have compiled a list of ‘five top feminist shows’, which you can stream on Netflix right now! So, what’s the wait? awaken your inner powerful woman.

5 Best Netflix Shows for Women

1. Anne with an E

Based on the classic novel ‘Anne of Green Gables,’ this season should definitely be your first pick if you’re looking for a feminist show to watch.

The story revolves around Anne Shirley Cuthbert, a character that has been inspiring women for over a century. She is a red-headed orphan, who is taken in by a brother (Matthew Cuthbert) and sister (Marilla Cuthbert). The season shows Anne defying all odds, fight for equality in her orthodox town, and question all stereotypical norms.

‘Anne with an E’ will definitely keep you glued to your screens. Who can get enough of how beautiful Green Gables is?, an ancestral farm of the Cuthberts and home to the red-headed ‘kindred spirit.’ The show was discontinued after season 3, and although fans have done everything they can to ‘revive’ it, their efforts are yet to bear fruits.

Watch the trailer here:

2. One day at a time

Inspired by Norman Lear’s 1975 series with the same name, it is a sitcom that is not afraid to get serious at times. ‘One day at a time’ is a comedy-drama, which will do more than make you laugh. It highlights the issues women face on an everyday basis (mansplaining, harassment, and casual sexism). Other than that, the show also talks about the racism immigrants put up with while living in America.

The show tells the story of ‘Penelope,’ a war veteran and mother of two children (Elena and Alex). She’s one headstrong woman who’s yet to heal from the wounds war has left her with and has so much to deal with, but is taking it ‘one day at a time.’

The series also gives a comedic twist to the Cuban stereotypes through Lydia, Penelope’s mother, who lives with them. This sitcom is definitely one to watch.

Watch the trailer here:

3. Brooklyn Nine Nine (B99)

Now, who doesn’t know about B99? The show is one of the funniest out there. It follows the story of Jake Peralta, a detective, and his diverse group of colleagues.

The show highlights fundamental issues and tackles them in the most appropriate, sensitive way possible. The precinct they work in has no room for sexism or racism and is fun-loving. It also highlights the racism people of color face.

In the episode ‘He said, She said’, the show got real. In the episode, Jake and Amy investigate a sexual assault case, and Amy shares her harassment story as well.

The best part about the sitcom is that it isn’t offensive, or sexist. It’s just innocent, funny comedy. However, prepare to have an unhealthy obsession with Gina Linetti (don’t say we didn’t warn you).

Watch the trailer here:

4. Orange is the new black

OITNB (Orange is the new black) is one of the most well-known TV shows ever. It follows a diverse group of characters, and highlights sensitive topics that other shows are hesitant to do.

OITNB is about the life of prison inmates. The show did so much during the time it was running that it is hard to find one thing to celebrate. The series talks about sexual assault, bodily autonomy, rape, and sexism.

What’s the wait? watch Piper and a group of strong women fight their way through the crooked system.

Watch the trailer here:

5. Grace and Frankie

Featuring icons like Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda, the show is definitely something different. How many times have we seen 20- and 30-something women rebuild their lives after a breakup, but women in their seventies? That’s not usually what is shown on television.

Grace and Frankie deal with sexism unapologetically, as the two women work hard to give a new definition to their lives. he show also has a comedic tone to it, and if you’re looking for something to binge-watch, this is it!

Watch the trailer here:

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