Thoughts we GUARANTEE you had after finishing Season 2 of Netflix’s YOU

Warning: This post contains spoilers for Season 2 of “You” (duh) 

If you’re like me and binge watch any new show in a day and then wait to see all the memes as a way of letting the show live on so you can wait for the next season to drop – this one, is for you. 

YOU season 2 dropped on Netflix and it picks up at Joe moving from New York to LA, to hide in plain sight while his back from the dead ex Candace searches for him high and low.

With LA’s insanely high prices and him having little to no money, homeboy not only rents an apartment with a view he can also manage to rent out his glass box storage unit location – someone find me these discount codes

Speaking of the glass box of doom- how’d he bring it over, all incognito? Who’s paying for all that heavy shipping??

Will and Joe’s bonding in the box needed to be a whole show on its own

Love asking Joe *ehm* “Will” if peaches look like butts is literally one of those lines that only work in movies/TV. If someone did that in real life you’d literally be like ?????

The fact that they actually named their kids LOVE AND FORTY? Ah, rich people and tennis. 

Then the grinder scene that we did not need at all….

Forty’s hidden detective skills had me fearing for his life the whole damn time. 

Joe’s inner hero always coming out for the children making you always feel so divided on

Is he really that bad? And then you remember Beck and you’re like AAAAAAAAAH”

Joe and his ‘invisibility cloak’ cap is somehow the biggest plot hole in the whole show. Sis, you literally become MORE noticeable ?. 

We interrupt this program to tell you that Delilah was our queen and deserved so much better. 

Annnnd the plot twist. Had us dead. 

Candace didn’t deserve that either. 

Joe’s reaction is just everything. 

Joe’s stuck in his very own glass box now. I fear for what havoc their child will ensue on the world. 

And just when you think Joe has learned his lesson while getting away with like 83746 murders by now, HE DOES THE HEY, YOU ??‍♀️

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