13 wtf-meme moments from Netflix’s YOU, that will have you ROTFL!

“YOU” was originally aired on Lifetime in 2018 but when it moved to Netflix in 2019 it became one of the most binge-worthy shows of the year. 

For those who have just seen the show in 2020 (following the release of the second season of the series), here’s a meme run down of all the wtf moments that you might’ve missed when the show was first released on Netflix. 

“YOU” is filmed through the perspective of Joe Goldberg, who is a bookstore-manager. He runs into an aspiring writer, Guinevere Beck, at the store and falls in love with her – love at first sight? 

The show progresses as Joe orchestrates a whole relationship with Beck. For her, he’s the perfect guy – but is he? Let’s face it, he’s just Dan on steroids.

His amazing problem-solving skills are a 10/10!

The biggest issue – BECKS CURTAINS. 

Benji – the disappearing billionaire’s insanely simple murder was plain genius.

Joe’s ‘helicopter boyfriend-ing’ is a whole scary mood in it itself.

Meanwhile Peach is using the name “Joseph” to death ? – literally.

Unlike most shows, the female lead actually realizes that something is seriously messed up about Joe and tries to do something about it.

But she couldnt really help herself and died anyway

Paco on the other hand, was a lil shit head.

Now let’s take a look at all the things that ‘YOU’ has ruined for us.

Brb private-ing everything I have ever posted online.

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