Why your child’s mobile phone addiction can be a recipe for disaster

Is your kid throwing a tantrum? Toddler not eating his/her food? Baby throwing a crying fit for absolutely no reason? What do you do to distract them? Ah, I know! The best solution out there, hand them a cell phone. Oh yes. The minute they put their little hands on that magical device and start watching their favorite YouTube videos, there is peace everywhere. You can get your work done, feed them without a struggle, you name it. They are so lost in that piece of technology, they won’t even notice you leaving the house.

Why They Are Damaging:

With parents being busier than ever in this fast paced world, mobile phones are an easy way to calm your kids down and keep them busy. But have you really pondered over whether these devices are child/baby friendly? We give up everything for our kids, but do we know that we are unknowingly putting our child’s health at a great risk by exposing them to this seemingly harmless gadget?

Mobile phones emit radiation which is extremely harmful for children. They are in the process of growing-making their little minds and bodies more vulnerable to the harmful effects of the environment.

A child’s body absorbs 60 times more radiation as compared to adults.

Some of the harmful effects of extensive mobile usage are as follows:

1.Academic performance:

When your children are ‘addicted’ to cell phones, nothing can tear them apart. They are easily distracted while studying and their education suffers


There has been extensive research going on about the harmful effects of radiation emitted from cell phones. Children’s bodies react differently as compared to adults. Their bodies absorb a higher amount of radiation. This radiation is linked to causing tumors in the brain. The radiation can also affect the nervous system.

The World Health Organization has termed it as a “possible carcinogen” that carries a potential risk of cancer.

3.Health risks:

Kids who are constantly glued to their cell phones hardly take any interest in outdoor activities leading to obesity, laziness and other medical issues.

What You Can Do To Counter The Effect:

These are but a few of the risks involved with prolonged usage of cell phones. Now let’s take a look at some of the different ways we can reduce its risks:

  • Try to keep your cell phone out of reach of your children.
  • Avoid giving cell phones to toddlers and children under 16 years of age as they are more vulnerable to the effects of radiation.
  • Make a strict schedule for your children to follow as this will reduce phone usage. Make sure you stick to this routine and don’t give in to your child.
  • You yourself should limit the amount of time you use your cell phone around your children. This will set a good example for them.
  • Keep your kids busy by engaging them in outdoor activities or even by assigning them chores in the house.

We as parents need to be extra careful regarding what our kids are using. We should think about the health related risks and effects. Weigh the pros and cons. Don’t let your child do something just because everyone else is doing it. Your child comes first. Period.

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