Your babies crib isn’t safe until you remove this ONE item from it

Isn’t it lovely and fulfilling to watch your baby grow and achieve its monthly milestones? Each passing month brings new and exciting things that your baby can accomplish. Whether it’s sitting without any support, picking toys and objects up by their tiny hands or crawling, with time their ability to sense things is improving. Babies love exploring the world around them. Other than sight, another sense that babies use the most to get familiar with objects is taste.

When a baby is interested in an item and wants to discover whether it’s hard or soft, or what does it taste like, he/she will put it in their mouth.

Once babies start exploring the world around them, it is crucial to remove any object that may be a choking hazard. Even the most harmless of objects may be a hazard for your kid. I learnt it the hard way. Let me share my experience with you.

My own super-scary personal experience:

One fine day, after doing all of my chores, I decided to chill out a bit. What exactly does a mom of an 8 months old baby do to ‘chill?’ NETFLIX! Hell yes. I would do anything to squeeze in at least one episode of my favourite season.

Netflix addicted moms will know what I’m talking about. After tending to my baby, I settled her in her comfy crib (that was placed by the side of my bed) so I could keep checking on her. Then while I happily sat down on my bed, I started navigating through my television. While I was lost through the many options of seasons to binge on, I heard my daughter coughing. I don’t know about you but I am an extremely jumpy mom. Even the slightest sneeze makes me jump up like a spring to check if my baby is ok.

I quickly ran to her side and to my horror I saw that she had started choking on something. I immediately picked her up and ran to my mother in law like a bullet (since older people are more experienced with kids). My mum in law is even jumpier than I am. After sensing what is going on she quickly started to hit my baby’s back to dislodge whatever was stuck in her throat.  

All this while my poor little baby was gagging and coughing.

After what seemed like forever my baby swallowed the object she was choking on. Relieved and trying to get over what had just happened, I took my baby back to my room to investigate what the mystery object could have been. Let me point out that I’m a firm believer of ‘You can never be too careful around kids.’ So naturally I had removed any object that fell into the category of ‘I can choke your kid.’ As I placed my baby back in her crib to go into my detective mode, I stared in her crib in utter disbelief.

The mystery object was staring right back at me. Any idea what it was? Let me break the suspense. *Drum roll*


Crazy right? What sort of cushions are these you might be wondering? They were included in the crib’s bedding set that I had gotten made. I had absolutely no idea that my little one would squeeze her tiny fingers into the little hole that was left after tying the cushion cover tassels to keep the filling in place.  

It was unbelievable.
I immediately removed the neck rolls since I could never risk them being near my baby again. That day I learned an important lesson that has stuck to me ever since. YOU CAN NEVER BE TOO CAREFUL.

Since that day I made sure I always had my eyes on my baby, not leaving her unattended, even for a second. She chocked on something out of my wildest dreams while I was there in the room. Imagine what could have happened if I was busy with some chore and had left her to play assuming she is ‘safe’ in her crib?

So mommies, no matter how much work you have piled up, nothing is more important than your baby. Never leave him/her unattended and make sure the person babysitting him/her is reliable and vigilant. As they say, no one can look after a baby better than his/her mother.

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