Toddler tantrums driving you over the edge? Here are a few easy tips to calm them down.


Toddler,’ even the word sounds frightening to a few who have encountered them at their worst behavior (I’m sure most of you will silently agree). Yes, you heard that right. Toddler phobia is real when you experience a tantrum up close and personal. What’s worse you’re thinking? Let me enlighten you: ‘your own toddler throwing a tantrum’.

Yup, that’s a true nightmare, especially when you’re outside the comfort of your house and you need to act like a proper grown up trying to negotiate with them. But all seems to fail because they just know what they want and they know how to get it. Trust me, I’m talking from real life experience. Sometimes my little one makes me wonder where did she get all that energy and blackmailing abilities from (I know it’s not me).


After lots of research and watching quite a few episodes of ‘Super Nanny’ I came to the conclusion that it was ME who was wrong all along. These tantrums and sudden outbursts of anger were usually a result of lack of communication which led my toddler to being extremely frustrated, hence, leading to ‘tantrums’. If you are in the same boat as I was, the following tips might help you to communicate better with your little ones:

1. Attention:

Kids love attention. Make sure you’re spending quality time with your kids. Make sure you appreciate and reward them whenever they behave well.

2. Choices:

Toddlers don’t like being told what to do. So a simple way to get things is done is by offering them a choice, such as ‘do you want to eat a banana or an apple,’ this way they won’t immediately refuse.

3. Out of sight, out of mind:

Keep dangerous and hazardous things out of sight to avoid any battle over them. If they can’t see it, they won’t want it.

4. Diversion:

Toddlers have a very short memory span and you can take advantage of it when they are being stubborn over something. Try distracting them with a toy or an activity. You can also calm them down by taking them outside to play.

5. Understand your child’s routine:

Make sure you run errands and other outdoor activities when your child has had a nap or isn’t worn-out. Taking a cranky and tired toddler out won’t be the wisest decision.

6. Sleep:

Make sure your child is getting enough sleep. Having a proper night’s sleep can significantly lessen tantrums and make your child more happy and agreeable.

These are a few pointers that can help you with your child’s behaviour. Remember that toddlers are just starting to discover the world. They just can’t seem to understand why we won’t let them be independent. As they mature with time, they get better at communicating and dealing with frustrations, leading to fewer tantrums.

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