The one thing a mom never wants to hear

Being a mom is a full time, exhausting YET fulfilling job. No matter how much effort you put in raising your kids, it’s never enough for some people.

‘Tumhara baby itna patla kyun hai?’
‘Tumhara baby itna mota kyun hai?!”

It is VERY insensitive of you to pass comments on the health or appearance of a woman’s child no matter how concerned/helpful you may intend to be.

No one knows the sleepless nights you go through, how you juggle through your house chores while making sure your kids aren’t being neglected.

Amongst ‘mom’ duties, the toughest task in my opinion is feeding solids to your baby. Don’t get me wrong, some lucky mommies have it easy. Their babies love nibbling on food. While on the other hand, mommies like me aren’t that lucky in this department. Feeding time feels like a nightmare. The despair and frustration you feel when your baby hasn’t eaten a single proper meal takes a toll on your mental health.

Now, when I have made a million attempts in trying to feed my child to the point where I feel like I might loose my mind, what is the last thing that will push me off the edge? That would be someone saying: ‘haw! She is so weak! Tum isko kuch khilatee ni ho?’ OR someone rubbing it in my face like ‘ haw haye! My baby eats an entire meal. Tumharee beti kuch ni khatee. Tum mehnat hee ni krtee.’

I’m sure many of you mommies have experienced this form of body shaming regarding your baby at some point. Women in our family whether they are close or distant relatives are the most eager to dish out free ‘ unwanted’ advice. What these ladies or men (yes! They body shame kids too) don’t realise is that THIS is something we don’t want to be reminded of again and again.

Your words can further damage a mother’s self esteem and confidence leading to depression and other psychological issues.

Body shaming babies and kids is considered very normal in our society. Even family members do it without thinking about the negative impact it will have on the mother and THE Child. Every child is different and has different feeding habits. You cannot make comparisons.

It is criminal to say that the mother doesn’t make any effort and that too to her face.

Some children, no matter how much they eat, don’t gain much weight and appear ‘weak.’ This in no way means they are not healthy.

Being OVERWEIGHT is unhealthy for your child in the long run.

When did you last visit your child’s pediatrician? Did he/she tell you that being OVERWEIGHT is unhealthy for your child in the long run. If your child is eating proper meals, achieving his/her milestones and is active, it is absolutely fine if he/she isn’t as chubby as every one else wants. So mommies, rest assured. You are doing a great job and YOU GOT THIS.

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