Sania Mirza’s recent photograph shows us a little glimpse into the lives of Athletes who are also mothers

Ever since Sania Mirza got married, there have been multiple interviews of her where she’s asked about her marital life and having children. Once she and her husband finally did have their son, the question shifted to “Are you still going to be playing?” “How are you going to do that now that you have a baby?” or simply “Where’s your son? Why aren’t you with him?”

To which she replied:

“No one asks my husband that question, he’d be gone for a month for his matches but no one really wonders where his son is but I get asked these questions. That has to do with the deeper mentality that a woman is supposed to stop her life once her child is born. It’s not considered a man’s responsibility”

Women that have children are always severely scrutinized on social media. Whether it’s for gaining too much or not enough weight, the way their skin looks, their ankles being swollen, not losing the pregnancy weight before stepping out of the hospital and every move they make, they’re mom-shamed.

Sania Mirza has always been vocal about how being an athlete is her passion and newsflash: a baby doesn’t whisk that away. Just like fathers are able (and expected) to go on and continue building their lives while being great dads moms can be too. Parents are impeccable multitaskers and Sania’s recent tweet proves just that

This one photo answers everything – how she can be both, the amazing athlete she is and a kick-ass mom too. With her child in one hand and her racket in the other, this photo perfectly sums up how moms can literally do it all.

As a society, we should spend more time focusing on our own growth or building the people around us up than we do trying to shame them or tear them down.

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