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They say toddlers and babies are just like monkeys, they copy every single thing you do. Whether it’s cleaning, doing makeup, cooking, ironing, you name it. They will look at you with inquisitive eyes and will be secretly anticipating when and how they can get a hold of the iron, cooking utensils and cleaning equipment. Knowing that all children have this inbuilt trait, it is imperative that we take caution while doing any task in front of them. If you’re thinking I’m being a little too paranoid, let me share an experience where I learnt it the hard way.

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My toddler is just as inquisitive as any other toddler (or maybe even more). She loves copying everything and everyone. I was very well familiar with this habbit of her’s and I tried my level best to keep scissors, nail cutters and any other potentially dangerous tools at bay.

Now, my hubby on the other hand has a habbit of unintentionally putting everything in my toddler’s reach.

It was one fine night when all of us were relaxing at home. I was happily tucked in my bed whereas my hubby had taken the duty to look after our daughter. Taking a break from mommying, I decided to unwind and put on my favourite series on Netflix. Now I could hear my toddler running around like a crazy rabbit and entertaining everyone else at home. Relax I told myself. What could go wrong? She is in safe hands. After re-assuring myself I went back to watching my series.

A little after two minutes I heard my daughter screaming and crying at the top of her lungs. I literally jumped out of my bed and ran to her. What I saw made my legs tremble. There she was, in my hubby’s arms, crying with pain and blood coming out of her right ear. Yes! Ear.

Struggling to speak I managed to choke out ‘what happened?’ My hubby pointed to a bloody cotton stick on the floor.

Not fathoming what had happened, I quickly took my baby in my arms and tried to see how much blood was coming out. There was quite a lot. We quickly rushed to the hospital nearest to my place. When we got to the emergency, my baby had stopped crying but was still in a lot of pain. It was nearly midnight and the doctors in the emergency room told us that we need to see an ENT specialist and there is nothing they can do.

Feeling helpless we made our way to another hospital and then another. All of them said they had no ENT specialist available and we should wait to get an appointment the next morning. Next morning? Are you kidding me? We couldn’t see our daughter like this even for a second, how can we make it through the night not knowing how bad her injury is? Nonetheless she needed immediate evaluation and medicines for her pain. When we finally got to the 8th hospital, we were fortunate enough to find an ENT specialist. She took a close look inside my daughter’s ear and said she couldn’t really make out where the wound is as there was a blood clot blocking her view. She prescribed a pain killer and an antibiotic and told us not to worry. Since there wasn’t much more that she could do, we came back home.

The next day, we took an appointment with an ENT specialist. When he looked at my daughter’s ear he asked ‘Cotton stick?’ Me and my hubby nodded yes. He said: ‘do you know how dangerous it is to have cotton sticks lying around the house? Kids copy everything that their parents do. They can seriously injure themselves with these. Please never bring cotton sticks into your house ever again.’ After giving us a well deserved reality check he went on to examine my daughter. We were most worried about her ear drum and thank God that was fine. The bleeding came from a cut that the plastic of the cotton stick made in her ear, right next to her ear drum. It was a very close call.

Kids are always watching you like this

That day, me and my hubby made a pact to never let a cotton stick make its way into our house. So please, make sure you are extra vigilant when it comes to your children because accidents can and do happen.

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