Meet Molly Gibson, the baby who is only ‘two years’ younger than her mom

A record for the ‘longest frozen embryo’ to have resulted in a baby’s birth has been set by a couple in the US state of Tennessee. The couple adopted a 27-years-old frozen embryo and successfully gave birth to it.

Molly Gibson was born in October 2020. She broke the record of her older sister Emma, who is 3 years older than her, of being the oldest frozen embryo to have resulted in a birth.

Molly’s parents, Ben and Tina Gibson, had been without a baby for five years until they got to know about ’embryo adoption.’ Both their daughters are genetically siblings as both the embryos were donated back in 1992.

Embryo adoption is a method in which a woman can experience pregnancy as well as childbirth. Embryos are given up for adoption by genetic parents who intend on giving their embryos a chance at life.

Basically, when couples go for In vitro-fertilization or IVF, some embryos remain frozen or given up for adoption. This gives a chance to couples who are infertile and unable to conceive of having children.

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