Do’s & Dont’s of visiting a newborn baby

Ah that new baby scent, reels everyone in! They’re so tiny and cute that we just want to see them and the feeling of wanting to squish them with all the love you have to give is so overwhelming that no one can really help themselves can they? 

But have you ever wondered about the Do’s and don’ts of visiting a newborn? It’s easy to get swept up in the excitement of wanting to see the newest addition in your family or friends group and forget that you’re not only visiting the newborn but their parents too. 

Do remember that the mother has gone through the ordeal of the end of a really long pregnancy, and has just dealt with however long her labor was and finally gave birth to her baby. An overwhelming amount of people meeting them at the hospital might get a little too much, give the new mom some time to recover and get some rest. Visit them a few days later if you can, it’ll be more peaceful and the parents won’t be that stressed out. 

Don’t stay for very long if you aren’t going to go to help the parents out. Sitting around for hours having the new parents serve you chai and dinner is anything but nice. Any time they have away from a crying newborn they need to be resting. This applies for the mother and the father both. They’ve got their hands full already! 

Do make some food yourself, pack it and take it with you! It’ll be much nicer for you to bring the food along, eat, help out with the dishes and be on your way home as soon as you can. They’ll remember the gesture forever. You get to meet the baby and the parents get a little treat too! 

Don’t even think about body shaming the new mom. It takes 9 months to grow a human being inside of you. She’s just created life! It might take her years to get rid of the baby weight. Don’t be that aunty that tells her abhi bhi pregnant lag rahi ho. It is not okay at all. 

Do wash and sanitize your hands before you pick up the baby, babies have a weak immune system, they can’t handle germs like we can. And yes, apno se bhi germs lagtey hain.

Germs do not know whether you are friends or strangers, they’re just germs and will spread to everyone equally.

Don’t for the love of God, kiss a baby. Nope. Resist the scent. If you haven’t already read our previous post about why you shouldn’t be kissing any babies, not even on their heads. 

Do ask the parents if they need help with anything. Maybe they need to pick up laundry, groceries, their mail! Anything at all. If you’re close enough to be at their home at this time you should be okay to help them with any errand they haven’t gotten to do because of the baby. 

And lastly, do be polite. Be considerate and simply be nice. Give the couple and their child all the positive vibes and blessings you can. You can never have enough of those going around. 

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