Baby-wipes may be giving your infant constipation!

Being a parent and that too for the first time is anything but easy. There are so many things that parenthood throws your way that will at times leave you flustered. As the baby grows, so will his/her needs. Each passing month will bring newer milestones that your baby has achieved.

Along with the cuddles and kisses, there will be tears and cries. Seeing your baby upset will leave you feeling helpless.

Every parent wishes for their child to be healthy and happy. While your baby is growing up, he/she may also face certain health related issues such as the flu, diarrhea, constipation etc.

One major hurdle that most babies face is constipation. Seeing your child suffer and cry at the hands of this horrid condition makes a parent feel so helpless. There can be many factors responsible for causing it such as the milk that the baby is on, certain food items etc. Since my baby has suffered a lot at the hands of constipation, I’d like to share my experience with you.

My own personal experience:

My toddler has been a victim to this ever since I can remember. We made a number of visits to the doctor just to find a permanent cure and to help our suffering baby. All our efforts were in vain as we tried to change her diet and even gave her ispaghol.

My poor baby would have long episodes of not pooping at all and then would cry and scream when she had to poop.

Tired and drained of trying to resolve this issue, we took her to a new doctor that a friend had recommended. The doctor took the usual history (just like every doctor does) and examined my baby.

What she told us came us a shock to say the least.

Her exact words were: “do you use baby wipes to clean your baby’s bottom?”

I replied “yes! (Every mom uses them right?)” to which she said “ the chemicals in the baby wipes are giving your baby a urine infection and due to that infection your baby finds it painful to poop. Moreover, most babies are allergic to these chemicals and when we directly apply these wipes to such sensitive areas of a baby’s skin, they cause irritation, rash and swelling. All of these lead to constipation.”

I was in utter disbelief.

How could such an ‘every day’ item cause so much trouble? The doctor also emphasized to only wash a baby’s bottom with water and even avoid wiping it with tissues as it can cause infections and irritation.  

I still couldn’t fathom how something as harmless as wipes could be behind all this chaos. So, I decided to give this new revelation a try.

I stopped using wipes and stuck to an ‘only water’ ritual. And guess what? My baby did not have any further episodes of constipation.

So if you are a mom struggling with the same issue, do give this a try. Throw away the wipes and just wash your baby’s behind with water. I’m sure you will thank me later. Happy washing!

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