Baby blues – myth or a reality?

Who doesn’t love to cuddle or snuggle with their little one, treasuring those wonderful moments and thanking The Almighty for such a huge blessing. While motherhood is a joyride for some women starting as a breeze during pregnancy and ending as a very soothing note at delivery, some women might consider it as the MOST difficult/testing time not only physically but emotionally and mentally as well.

The truth is, the roller-coaster ride does not really come to a full stop at delivery, but, the real game starts when you take your little baby home.

First-time moms might feel helpless for sure trying to cater to the needs of such a tiny human who is totally dependent on them for every single thing. Just imagine, for someone who hasn’t been able to eat, sleep or walk in a normal way for almost 9 months suddenly has to provide comfort to a crying, hungry, sleepy or a generally fussy baby.

It is very normal for a woman to go through an upheaval of all sorts of emotions due to the sudden hormonal changes that come with the whole package of child birth.

These hormonal changes coupled with the sudden changes the woman feels, may cause her to go through a phenomena popularly known as “the baby blues”.

For reasons unknown some people who don’t acknowledge mental health issues as something serious, these ‘baby blues’ might come off as a myth. Whereas, women worldwide go through this turbulent phase every single day.

If you are a new mom, look out for these signs:

· Lack of sleep

· Exhaustion

· Irritability

· Detachment from friends and family

· Loss of appetite

· Frequent crying spells

· A feeling of being overwhelmed

A sudden change in one’s routine or lifestyle, especially after becoming a mom can account for the awakening of the above mentioned symptoms. Always remember to ask for help.

Family plays a major role in helping new moms adjust to the new and extremely demanding role they have landed themselves in. Never be afraid or shy to go for a little nap while the baby is looked after by someone else.

As the days go by, you will surely get the hang of everything and master the art of bottle washing and changing diapers. Now a days, husbands are extremely supportive and undoubtedly prove to be a blessing when they step in as knights in shining

Armors and willingly help with the night duties. Every little step in the right direction helps in molding a passage for a quicker recovery and an improved mindset.

Eventually, everything does fall in to place and time passes by so quickly. Remember to cherish all the wonderful moments with your little one as much as you can. Countless sleepless nights and innumerable arduous days later, the only thing that can soothe your exhaustion and melt all your worries away, is a loving smile by your infant.

  • Helga Whiteley says:

    I have baby blues, not because I lost a child but im grieving for the baby that I will never have. THIS IS A REAL ISSUE that doesnt get enough recognition.

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