Are you preggers with an insatiable case of the munchies? Here’s what you SHOULD be eating!

Pregnancy is an amazing and sensitive time for a woman, especially if it’s her first time carrying a little human inside her.

For some women, pregnancy might not be very tough but for some, it can be a rollercoaster.

Either way, pregnancy requires a lot of attention and a healthy lifestyle that benefits both the mother and the baby.

In our households, when a girl starts expecting, the female members of the family start giving advice based on their own experiences. Although their experience can be helpful to you, there might be certain things that you don’t feel comfortable with and the best solution is to consult your doctor.

For e.g. climbing stairs might not have been an issue with other women but if you are experiencing a complicated pregnancy, it is advised to avoid using the stairs at all. Other ladies might tell you that no harm comes by climbing a few steps but you must follow what your doctor advises. The same goes for your diet.

When a woman is expecting, she gets to hear ‘tum tou kuch khatee hee nhi ho’ or ‘hum tou apni pregnancy main ye bhi khatay thay aur wo bhi khatay thay. Baray nakhray hain tumharay.’

Like I said before, everyone’s pregnancy is different.

It can be fabulous
or it can be the total opposite!

The cravings that you had might be giving nausea to someone else. So it’s best to leave a preggo woman alone when it comes to her choice of food. Do advise if you must, but please don’t enforce your opinions on an already tired and worn-out soul.

While pregnant, make sure you stick to a healthy diet and not gobble up everything that comes your way. Please keep an extra check on the amount of sugar you are consuming. Although sweet cravings are very real and if not satiated may turn you into Godzilla, an overdose of sugary foods can be harmful if you are suffering from gestational diabetes.

What you should eat:


It is important for you to include protein in your diet when you are expecting. Healthy protein sources are chicken, fish, eggs and lean meat. Different researchers have stated that those women who ate seafood had lower anxiety levels in comparison to those who did not.

Fruits and veggies:

It is best for you to consume at least 4-5 portions of fruits and vegetables in your daily diet intake. You can either take fresh ones, canned or frozen. According to experts, it is best for you to consume fruits whole rather than in a juice form as fresh fruit juices have a naturally higher sugar level.


If you have suffered from constipation in a previous pregnancy, you know how stressful it can get. Along with that, your chances of getting hemorrhoids also increase as the baby starts to grow. It is vital for you to include a suitable amount of fibery-foods. Whole grains foods such as beans, pulses, wholegrain pasta and bread along with vegetables and fruits that are high in fiber should be included in your daily meals.


Growing another human is no joke. The whole process drains you of important vitamins and minerals. This is why it is crucial to keep your body’s vitamin and nutrient supply up and running. A healthy intake of calcium is necessary to keep our bones strong and pain-free. Calcium-rich foods are dairy products such as milk, yogurt and cheese.


During pregnancy, the doctors recommend blood tests on and off to keep your various levels in check.

Also considering birth control is a super important factor- do not over-exhaust your body. Give it time to heal (postpartum) before you think of having another child.

Many women start showing low levels of hemoglobin and iron.

This can cause complications as the mother might get anemic and may lose a lot of blood during childbirth. In order to avoid these complications, you should include iron-rich foods such as lean meat, poultry, dry fruits, whole grains and green vegetables.

f you are expecting, please keep these pointers in mind. Remember, your baby needs all the nutrition that it can get in order to make a healthy and happy entrance into this world.

Happy eating miss preggers!

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