5 deadliest food items that can serve as choking hazards for your child!

If you are an extremely over panicky mom (like I am) regarding your child’s eating habit, well you can’t deny how stressful the whole ordeal is.

From deciding the meal to feed to the whole process of feeding the baby, every step feels nothing less than a battle. Some babies are natural foodies. They will gobble down anything that comes their way. Hell, you can’t eat anything around them as their cute little eyes will continue to stare at your glorious mountain of food.

That stare won’t leave you until you finish every scrap on your plate.

Then there are those who completely hate the whole idea of eating any solid. I mean how dare we offer them some healthy home cooked meal? They have their milk and that’s all they need. Feeding these little ‘know it all’s’ is nothing short of a battle. There will be tears, screams, angry cries and lots of food splattered here and there.

Now, in the early stages babies are fed purees as they are getting a hang of the whole process of swallowing and chewing. As they grow older and start to grow teeth, easily chew-able foods are introduced into their diet.

When the babies get older and move into their toddler stage, they want to explore new food items and are curious about what everyone is eating. As we are so happy that our once fussy eater is now ready to devour every item on the food chart, we happily offer all sorts of foods.

Along with this, how can we forget the constant advice from the elders in our family regarding the kind of food/fruit our child should be eating such as ‘feed him xyz fruit’ or ‘why don’t you give him xyz? He/she is old enough to eat it.’

Now ladies, as much as you are happy about your child’s newly developed love for food,

please keep in mind that there are certain foods that may pose as a major choking hazard.

Please discuss this topic with your pediatrician as well regarding what foods to introduce and at what age.

As children start to grow, they start getting a hang of their different senses. They use the sense of touch and taste to explore new objects. They love to know about the texture and taste of everything that comes their way. Haven’t you ever noticed that babies put EVERYTHING they can get a hold of in their mouth? Having said that, have you ever been in a situation where a child is choking? This is what you can do to help!

Being overly anxious, I did my research thoroughly and made sure I fed my baby age appropriate items that I knew was safe for her to swallow. For my own piece of mind I discussed this with her doctor as well.

So to help you mommies out, I will list out a few food items that can pose as a choking hazard if given in the wrong way:


For me grapes definitely top the list. Why? As their skin is slippery, it can easily slip into the throat of the baby or toddler and choke them. It is essential that you cut it up lengthwise and then into halves before serving it to your baby or toddler. If you don’t believe me, go check it up on the internet. There have been so many cases reported worldwide where children have lost their lives by choking on a seemingly harmless grape.


Apples should also be sliced and then cut into thin and small pieces so that your baby can easily chew and swallow them. I remember my baby used to have a lot of difficulty while eating an apple up until her molars came. So please, if your baby is not older than 2 years, cut his/her apple into little pieces rather than giving big chunky slices.


Now who doesn’t love popcorn right? Whether they are salted or caramelized, they serve as a good snack. Can you really blame babies and toddlers for wanting some too? However, make sure that your child has good chewing skills before offering these as they are quite hard to munch on and their hard seed can act as a choking hazard.


Nuts along with being healthy are super yummy and addictive. Why should kids be left behind in savoring these nutritional goodies. However, please remember that children under the age of 4 don’t have their complete set of teeth and may find it hard to grind them.


Meat is a nutritional food source and must be included in your child’s diet plan. However, when feeding younger kids, make sure the meat is cooked to the point where it is soft and easily chew-able. Also avoid giving long strips of cooked meat to babies as finger food as they can bite off a piece bigger than they can handle.

So, I hope you guys found this information helpful. If there is any food item that I have missed out please let us all know in the comments section.

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