Want to get rid of dry skin & cellulite? Dry body-brushing is the way to go!

“Dry Body Brushing” is an age old practice that has slowly regained a lot of popularity in the last few years. Celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Salma Hayek and Victoria Secret Model Josephine Skriver swear by it! 

When you first hear the words “Dry Body Brushing” it makes you want to cringe a little. What is it and why would I brush my body?

Even people who are obsessed with skincare sometimes forget that their skin doesn’t end at their neck – the rest of their body needs care too! 

Body brushing is well known for having a lot of benefits. It mainly helps get rid of dead skin by exfoliating it. In doing so, it encourages new cell growth and it helps get rid of ingrown hair. It also makes your skin visibly nicer because clean pores = smaller pores and who doesn’t want that?

Another popular benefit of body brushing is that it can be used to target cellulite! Sure, one thing won’t magically get rid of all the cellulite on your body – but body brushing has been known to really help! 

As ‘brushing your body’ improves blood circulation, it ends up giving you a natural energy boost – like an organic Redbull ?

Lastly, my favorite benefit, it improves the Lymphatic System of our bodies. The Lymphatic system is the network of vessels through which lymph drains from the tissues into the blood. This is how toxins leave our body naturally and body brushing ends up giving this system an extra hand. 

While selecting a brush for body brushing it’s important that you pick one that’s firm but not too stiff, so it doesn’t scratch your skin since it won’t be used to it in the start. As time goes on you can use different ones too. 

You can easily find body brushes online for around 500-1000/- Pakistani Rupees.

Cheap, easy and good for you! 

How to dry body brush: 

Dry brushing can be done any time of the day, you could do it in the morning, evening, middle of the day or night – totally up to you. Most people prefer to use them in the morning right before they shower

Start at the bottoms of your feet and work your way up your legs in long, smooth strokes. You could start by brushing each section about 10 times. 

Always try to brush towards your heart (this will help your lymphatic system). One easy way to remember is to always brush towards the center of your body. 

For your arms, you start at the palms and hands brushing your way upwards towards your heart. 

On your armpits and stomach, brush in circular clockwise motions.

Repeat the same on your back too!

Important Note: Do not brush too hard! This is supposed to exfoliate not rub your skin off. Your skin can get slightly pink after you do this but it shouldn’t be super red nor should it sting.

Rule of thumb: if it hurts, use less pressure next time. 

Ideally the brushes should be replaced every 6-12 months depending on their wear and tear. Also remember to wash them every 10 days to keep things sanitary. 

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