This Mascara will make your lashes look HUGE without breaking the bank!

In recent years, the most important step in eye-makeup switched from being eye-liner to eyelashes. Once it did, it blew up. Procedures like lash extensions and lash tinting and perming went viral.

But, not everyone can do that. Some people avoid these for religious reasons, some are scared of the risks as it all involves chemicals right on your eyes and others simply don’t like the upkeep.

So what do you do? Wear fake lashes all the time? Aint no body got time fo’ dat!

Nope. You get yourself a killer mascara!

Essence kills it with makeup products but if I had to live my life with only 1 product I’d pick the Essence I Love Extreme Volume Mascara (waterproof – because allergies always have me sneezing and tearing up)

This mascara is magic. It gives you the lashes you never even knew you had! Just ONE coat and it looks like you have really realistic falsies on!

The wand is amazing. It’s large and makes it super easy to just coat all your lashes in one swipe without having to keep doing it over and over again (though you can totally still do that if you like)

The formula is great! It doesn’t flake off or make you look like a panda half-way through the day and it stays locked into place. Wanna see that sad movie without looking like a horror movie at the end? You can totally do that with this!

It also doesn’t fight you when you want to take it off at the end of the day. A good eye makeup remover will get it right off without any problems!

Even though I prefer the waterproof version, this mascara also comes in a water-soluble formula, that one is cheaper too! So if you prefer to simply wash off your mascara, you can do that too!

The waterproof version runs around Rs. 1000/- while the water-soluble one is around Rs. 750/-. You can find these at almost every local Shaheen or Dwatson and most of the makeup stores and online!

Have you tried this mascara? Do you have a holy-grail mascara better than this? Let us know in the comments!

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