6 ways in which you can sweat-proof your makeup

Sweat-proof your makeup

Making your makeup last all day is one big struggle especially around this time of the year with the summer sun. If you are not making efforts to sweat-proof your makeup, your foundation will probably just melt away. Sweating can cause breakouts on your skin too. It can make the skin absorb the ingredients from the products that you have on, leading to acne.

Other than this, sweat can literally make you look flushed out from the heat and that is something no one wants. Many believe that skipping makeup during this time of the year is the best solution, but it is not. You can actually sweat-proof your make with some simple steps. These steps will keep your makeup intact and it won’t melt away due to the sweat.

1- Don’t layer the skincare products

Do not layer the products one after the other to sweat-proof your makeup

The key to not sweat excessively with makeup on lies in a minimal skincare routine. Many individuals like layering products and using thick, heavy formulas. However, this might work during winters but not when the temperature is high.

This does not mean that you skip on moisturizers because that will crack your foundation especially if you have dry skin. The tip is to use the right type of moisturizer. Opt for the one that is lightweight and more water-based.

Also, be sure not to miss SPF because you really need to protect your skin from sun rays.

2- Understand the importance of a primer

Water-resistant primers to sweat-proof your makeup

A good gripping primer will keep your makeup in the right place. Go for a matte or water-resistant primer. The right primer will prevent your makeup from melting.

3- Go easy with foundation

Sweat-proof your makeup with water-resistant foundations

As mentioned above, the most essential thing you need to consider when you sweat-proof your makeup is NOT to use heavy products. The same goes for foundations and concealers.

Experts recommend avoiding thick foundations and concealers. Go with the lighter ones. You need to make sure that you let your skin breathe. Also, be sure to apply less product to avoid caking. You can also go for a sweat-proof formulation.

4- Water-resistant mascaras and eyeliners

Water-proof mascaras to sweat-proof your makeup

How frustrating it is when your mascara and eyeliner just melt and leave blotches all over your face? If that is one problem that you experience during summers then you should immediately look for water-resistant mascaras and eyeliners.

5- Make blotting papers your friends

Blotting papers to absorb extra oil from the face and sweat-proof your makeup

If you want to get rid of the extra oil and sweat, you should carry blotting papers with you. These are highly absorbent and easily available. A quick blot might save you the trouble. So be sure to purchase some and keep them with you.

6- Select the right face powders

Setting powder that to sweat-proof your makeup

Selecting the right face powders is extremely vital, especially if the summer sun is shining its brightest. Go for a loose powder, and apply it to the areas which sweat the most. Just lightly tap it on your skin, and you’re good to go.

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