Meet Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, the mastermind behind OPI nailpaints

If you are a ‘nail-polish junkie’ then you must have heard about the OPI nail paints. But do you know about the woman who named the ‘Most Iconic Nail Polishes’ of all time? Well, if you don’t, then meet Suzi Weiss-Fischmann who is the brand-ambassador, co-founder, and creative visionary behind your favorite OPI products.

Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, the mastermind behind everything

Each year, OPI launches four collections that are seasonal. These include Summer, Spring, Fall, and Holiday. Suzi comes up with some really creative names for the nail paints. The unique idea of naming each color according to the geographical location and theme of the city or country that they have chosen is one of a kind. The product might be named according to the specific place’s identity; be it in the form of food, place, or anything. The names of the nail paints somewhat give you an idea about the color or the shade.

Suzi’s famous shades include: Bubble bath, You don’t know Jacques, Lincoln Park after dark, and Cajun Shrimp.

Personalized nail polishes of OPI

She got the idea of personalization of nail polishes by seeing how Starbucks offers coffee according to one’s own choice and taste. She felt that everyone should get something like this in the beauty industry as well. After this, she came up with the idea of giving every individual unique and exclusive experience of nail paint rather than shades which one had to settle for and were for the masses.

OPI progressed just as the world did. When internet became common, they made sure that instead of being an American brand solely, it becomes famous throughout the globe. Suzi worked day and night on this with her brother-in-law (with whom she initiated this business).

Suzi’s main aim is to provide every individual around the globe shades which they can feel are ‘for them’. She says that she wants to make OPI a ‘life-style brand’. Whether you are driving a ‘Ford Mustang’ or listening to your favorite artist, Suzi wants OPI to be everywhere.

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