List of sulfate-free shampoos in Pakistan that you need to check out

One of the most harmful ingredients you can find in shampoo is sulfate. However, finding sulfate-free shampoos in Pakistan is no easy task but we have made a list for you.

2 basic types of sulfates found in shampoos are sodium laureth sulfate (SLES) and sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS). They are put into the product to create lather. But despite the lather giving your hair a cleaning effect, there are some downsides to sulfates. They can strip the natural oils (which your hair desperately needs) from your scalp. Moreover, if you have a sensitive scalp, sulfates may also cause irritation and dryness. So individuals are told to avoid sulfates specifically the ones with dyed hair.

If you are looking for sulfate-free shampoos in Pakistan then read below because we have shortlisted some of the easily available ones.

1- Argon Oil from Morocco Sulfate-Free shampoo

List of sulfate-free shampoos in Pakistan

This shampoo is simply amazing. It is ideal for all hair types. Since it has argon oil, it moisturizes the hair and prevents dryness. Other than this, it also contains vitamins like vitamin E and essential fatty acids.

The shampoo has powerful antioxidant properties. It is also a UV-protector. This product is literally all-in-one. From moisturizing your scalp to giving you healthier and fuller hair, it can do it all. The biggest plus about this shampoo is that you get high quality in an affordable price range. So, why not try it?

2- PALMER’S Olive Oil Formula

List of sulfate-free shampoos in Pakistan

If you have extremely frizzy hair and are looking for a shampoo that can smoothen your hair, then this is it. This shampoo is paraben, sulfate, and gluten-free.

The product has the goodness of olive oil infused in it. Hence, it gives hair strength and shine. It also prevents any kind of product buildup. The shampoo contains keratin amino acid, vitamin E, and extra virgin olive oil.

3- L’Oreal Paris EverStrong Thickening Sulfate-Free Shampoo

List of sulfate-free shampoos in Pakistan

The shampoo is paraben and sulfate-free. It also claims that it contains no ‘harsh salts.’

The product promotes thick and strong hair. It is formulated with rosemary leaves. The shampoo is also anti-breakage which means it prevents unnecessary hair fall.

You can easily buy this product online.

4- Nirvana Botanics Organic shampoo

List of sulfate-free shampoos in Pakistan

This organic shampoo contains organic Arabian dates, vitamin E, organic green tea, aloe leaf juice, and more. The shampoo claims that it stops unnecessary hair fall.

The product is also known to bring out the natural shine of the hair. Due to its ingredient list, it is extremely mild on the scalp. This means it is ideal for individuals with the sensitive or compromised scalp.

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  • naila ahmed says:

    This is really good to know but all these shampoos or most of them are expensive

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