3 reasons why you need to STOP using your makeup wipes

Makeup wipes are one of the easiest ways to remove makeup especially if you’re feeling lazy. They’re easy and convenient but it’s about time you know the reality: makeup wipes are bad for your skin and you need to stop using them.

If you’re wondering how the wipes, having a number of fancy ingredients, are bad for your skin and why you should avoid using them, then here are the reasons:

1- They do not remove the makeup off COMPLETELY

Well yes, visibly it might seem like the wipes have removed the makeup off your skin, but they haven’t. The wipes are specifically designed to break down the makeup particles. When you wipe the face to remove the makeup, a significant amount still remains in your pores and can end up clogging them.

2- They can damage the protective layer of your skin

Those who choose to exfoliate with another product after using a makeup wipe are actually damaging the protective layer of their skins. Consistent use of wipes, especially by those who apply makeup everyday, can end up having inflammation and sensitivity on their skin.

3- The chemicals are too harsh for your skin

The chemicals in the wipes can end up causing a lot of irritation on the skin and also cause breakouts. Due to the chemicals, removing kajal, mascara and eyeliner with the use of a wipe can even be harmful for the eye tissue which is extremely sensitive.

Know more about the makeup wipes through this video:

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