3 reasons why you should stay away from DIY skincare

The idea of DIY skincare is extremely tempting. Multiple people think that using ingredients from your kitchen is actually safe for the skin. However, this might not always be the case.

DIY skincare is for sure pocket-friendly but it can actually be dangerous for your skin. Experts recommend avoiding these masks because they do more harm than good.

We have gathered 3 ways in which DIY skincare can be risky for your skin and why they aren’t worth it.

1- The ingredients can disturb the normal pH of your skin

3 reasons why you should stay away from DIY skincare.

Yes, just like your overall body pH, the skin also has a pH range. The skin must stay in that certain pH range to function normally.

The foods or the ingredients you might use in DIY masks can actually disturb your normal pH.

A disturbance in this pH level can cause issues like pigmentation, acne and so much more.

2- Not knowing the right concentration composition of the mask

3 reasons why you should stay away from DIY skincare

Most of these DIY masks that appeal to you on the internet are by inexperienced individuals. The ingredients you put in your mask might actually be good for your skin but if you use them in the right concentration.

If you don’t have the knowledge about the composition, your skin can suffer in multiple ways. The skincare products are made by Chemists who have the required knowledge about everything.

3- Most common DIY mask ingredients can actually harm your skin

3 reasons why you should stay away from DIY skincare

One of the most hyped-up ingredients in DIY masks is lemon. Makeup gurus love it for its brightening properties on the skin. However, lemon has a pH of about 2 while the skin’s natural pH is 4-5. Lemon can actually cause skin sensitivity.

Some other ingredients that are a big NO include Mayonnaise (clog pores), eggs (raw eggs can cause GIT infections), and more.

There are some DIY skincare ingredients, like honey, that are safe for your skin. Other than that, DIY masks are actually not worth the risk.

What are your views on this? Share in the comments bar below.

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