SKIN FASTING – What is it and how can it be an absolute game-changer for you!

Healthy, glowing skin for Pakistani women is never easy. There was already pollution to deal with, but now mehngai is there to make skincare a whole lot difficult.

Girls are stuck between choosing either the latest skincare products (that call for the spending of thousands of rupees) or desi Aunti k totkay (that come with absolutely no guarantees and a bunch of side effects).

However, there’s finally something that can change the game. The newest skincare trend can get you flawless skin AND save you a lot of cash! Sounds too good to be to true, doesn’t it? Read on to see for yourself.


While normal trends call for adding more skin products to your routine, Skin Fasting introduced by a Japanese skincare brand called Mirai Clinical tells you to ditch all products and give your skin a break.

We’ve all been repeatedly taught that traditional fasting heals the body. This is exactly why skin fasting makes a lot more sense.

How does it work?

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You begin with locking away all exfoliators, face masks, creams, makeup (even waterproof makeup), and any other chemical-infused products.

With skin fasting your routine would include washing face with only lukewarm water, drying t with a soft towel, and not applying anything at all! Other than sunscreen, of course.

All this detox time helps your skin revive its natural ability to take care of itself. As a result, the secretion of natural oils and rejuvenation process normalizes with absolutely no effort or money invested.

How long does it take to show results?


Unfortunately, there’s no accurate answer to this. because the skin condition and age of each person observing skin fasting varies. Though, improvement will certainly be notable within a few weeks.

What Are Its Benefits?

  • It allows your skin to breathe.
  • It helps focus on the skin’s internal health and not just external.
  • It leads to the realization that our moms were right: a good diet and more water are the real MVPs.

Who Should Try It?

Anyone can try experimenting with this newest trend. However, women following a skincare routine that’s working wonders for them are advised to stick to the same. That’s because their skin would take a very long time to show results with skin fasting.

Did you find this helpful? Would you like to hear more about this? Share it with us in the comments bar below.

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