Is Selena Gomez planning to launch her beauty line in Pakistan?

Selena Gomez introduced her own makeup line with the name, ‘Rare Beauty’ last year. She was too excited for everyone to try out her brand as she mentioned how she put her heart and soul into every single product and loved working on every bit of it.

The singer recently took to Instagram where she announced that her brand is going global on 1st July, 2021. She specifically mentioned the countries in which the branch will be launching and it included The Middle East, Spain, Germany, France and Turkey. However, since Pakistan wasn’t a part of the mentioned countries, many Selena Gomez fans from the country asked when they will have access to her products and the brand revealed that they actually working on it and will get there soon.

That is definitely a great news for all of Gomez’s Pakistani fans.

The singer stated that the basic motive behind her beauty brand is help everyone celebrate their individuality. She believes that being ‘rare’ means being comfortable with yourself. She says that she has ‘stopped’ trying to achieve perfection because all she wants to be is ‘herself.’

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