Everything you need to know before incorporating retinol in your skincare

Everything you need to know before incorporating retinol in your skincare.

The ‘miracle’ skincare ingredient, retinol, is a type of retinoid. Although some describe how ‘magical’ it has been for their skin, some say the absolute opposite.

If you are curious to know whether or not retinol should be a part of your skincare routine, then you are at the right place. Below is everything you need to know about it.

What are retinoids?

Retinoids are Vitamin A derivatives. A common misconception about retinoids is that all of them are the same. There are over-the-counter (OTC) retinoids, often found in serums, and prescription-strength retinoids as well.

Retinoid types.

Benefits of retinol:

The Ordinary's retinol.

Retinol has numerous benefits. Some of these have been listed below:

  • It fades the dark spots
  • Brightens the skin
  • Accelerates the normal rate at which skin regenerates
  • It helps fight wrinkles and fine lines
  • Prevents clogging of pores
  • Helpful with acne
  • Treats blackheads

Side effects of retinol:

People who use retinol for the first time may experience dryness, peeling, and redness. Despite the long list of benefits that retinol has, you need to make sure to go easy. Individuals who apply retinol more frequently experience irritation and acne breakouts.

Things to consider before incorporating retinol in your skincare:

Although retinol is considered beneficial for most skin types, you should still consider a few things before incorporating it into your skincare routine.

1- Sensitive skin

Individuals who have sensitive skin and skin conditions like rosacea are advised NOT to use retinol. Other than this, people who have high skin exposure are also told to avoid it. If you have sensitive skin, consult a dermatologist before using the product.

2- ALWAYS wear a sunscreen

Supergoop sunscreen.

An SPF of 30 is recommended to be used alongside retinol since it makes the skin sensitive to sun. It is also recommended that you use retinol at night time only.

3- Integrate it slowly into your routine

Skin experts have always stressed how important balance is. Retinol can actually irritate your skin if you use it too frequently. You should begin with a very small amount. It is also advised that you skip retinol a day before you exfoliate.

4- Skin retinol if you are getting certain treatments

You should definitely shy away from retinol if you are having skin treatments like laser and microneedling.

5- Use gentle products with retinol

Since your skin needs time to get used to the new product, you should make sure to use gentle products with retinol. The gentler products can prevent any further harm to the skin.

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