Actress Ramsha Khan reveals EVERYTHING about her skincare routine [VIDEO]

Ramsha Khan has played the leading roles in some quality serials like Kaisa Hai Naseeban, Ishqiya, Mah-e-Tamaam, and more. She is that one actress who is famously known for her natural acting and also her minimal makeup looks,

The actress does makeup tutorials and shares beauty tips on and off in interviews. Considering the fact that she is an actress who does makeup very often, Khan’s skin is healthy and glowing. She has an even skin tone which is beautiful even with no makeover.

Ramsha’s Skincare

Ramsha Khan recently spilled the beans on her skincare routine with the public. She took to Instagram, where she shared how she pampers her skin. Mentioning in the caption that she doesn’t have a skin routine and that she doesn’t have fancy serums as a part of the process, the actress talked about a couple of products that she uses on her skin.

Step 1:

Khan started the video off lightly rubbing her face and removing makeup off her skin using makeup removal wipes. She mentioned that she especially prefers using Neutrogena wipes however, in the video she used the cute pink wipes from MiniSo.

Step 2:

After using the wipes, the actress then washed her face using ‘bio derma‘ face wash and afterward patted her face with tissue paper to dry it.

Step 3 & 4:

Then came the turn of moisturization. Ramsha moisturized her face with metafil moisturizer. After waiting for 5 minutes, she ended up the skincare routine with ozone sunblock to protect her face from the dangerous sun rays.

One thing that Ramsha Khan stressed on in her routine was never to forget moisturization and sunblock. She also suggested taking vitamins, biotin, and vitamin C in specific.
The actress didn’t forget to mention the importance of hydration in the maintenance of healthy skin.

Watch Ramsha’s skincare routine video here:

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