Ramsha Khan spills the beans on her favorite makeup products for daily use

Ramsha Khan spills the beans on her favorite makeup products for daily use

Ramsha Khan often shares her beauty secrets with the public. From her skin care routine to her favorite everyday makeup products, she has told her fans all of it. Although Khan is known for her minimal makeup looks, she is a big makeup lover.

Collaborating with a media outlet, Ramsha Khan took her fans inside her makeup vanity. She revealed the products she reaches out for on daily basis. She mentioned the brands she loves in the video as well.


Ramsha Khan's favorite primer, the plump and prime by Too Faced

The Kaisa Hai Naseeban actress starts doing her makeup with a primer. She talked about the ‘Plump and Prime by Too Faced.’ She claims that the product makes her face plumpy and soft providing her a nice canvas, for the foundation.


Ramsha Khan's favorite foundation, Dior's Backstage Foundation

The second product she uses is Dior’s Backstage Foundation. Khan says that it works really well for her because it is sweat-proof and water-based.


Ramsha Khan's favorite concealer, Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser.

To cover up her dark circles, Ishqiya actress digs the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser.

Compact Powder

Ramsha Khan's favorite Compact Powder, Bobbi Brown Pressed Powder.

When it comes to a compact powder, Ramsha is not one of those who layer it all over their face. She just uses it over her concealer under the eyes. She prefers the Bobbi Brown Pressed Powder for the purpose.


Immetee Brow Styling Soap.

For brows, the star shared a product that she ordered over Ali Express. She says she uses Immetee Brow Styling Soap. Ramsha states that her brows are always on fleek.


The DMP's Velvet Liquid Blush.

Ramsha Khan is not a huge fan of powder blushes because she believes they look cakey and fake. Therefore, she prefers a liquid blush. She puts the blush on her cheek and blends it with a beauty blender. The blush that she really likes is DMPs Velvet Liquid Blush.


Mac's Soft & Gentle Highlighter.

For highlighter, she goes with Mac’s Soft & Gentle Highlighter which Khan believes is perfect because she likes subtle makeup.

Lip balm

Dior's Lip Glow.

Coming to the lips, the actress opts for Dior’s Lip Glow. The balm, as said by Ramsha herself, is her go-to and she lives for it.


Olehenriksen's Truth Serum.

The serum that Khan absolutely loves is Olehenriksen’s Truth Serum. She says that she applies it on her skin before bed just once a week with the use of a Jade roller.


Ozone's Broad Spectrum 100+ SPF.

Sunblock is extremely essential so the actress made sure to mention the one that she uses. Ozone’s Broad Spectrum 100+ SPF really works for her. Ramsha Khan says she knows many do not agree with the concept of using a 100 SPF product on the face but this one really does the job for her.

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