Pakistani women try the Don’t Rush Challenge with their own desi twist!

The Quarantine life has everyone bored out of their minds. We’ve all been trying out different things to keep ourselves entertained. Some are trying to learn a new skill while others are going all out of TikTok.

In the past few weeks, we’ve seen many challenges being attempted by Pakistanis. This week we have another one. This one’s called the #DontRushChallenge.

Started by 20-year-old Toluwalase Asolo, the challenge was to show how getting ready is a process that shouldn’t be rushed. People like to take their time picking their outfits, doing their makeup and hair and accessorizing! The result of being patient and waiting is totally worth it.

It starts with women being passed a “magical virtually sent/thrown makeup brush”, they’re shown in their regular quarantine outfits (which let’s be honest is PJs all day every day) and then they use the brush to magically transform into their all glam ready to go looks!

The Pakistani side social media has blown up with various twists of the challenge. Each one unique in its own way! We just had to show you guys our favourite ones!

This one was literally too smooth. It looks like they actually threw the brush around!

This desi version featuring Pakistani Makeup Artists Collabing with artists from all across South Asia transforming into their full glam looks literally won our hearts ?

And this one. These girls did it while raising awareness about how important it is to stay safe and protect yourself from the coronavirus COVID-19

Here's our attempt to make this challenge more creative. You can see some of the girls incorporating sanitary products. Please make sure you're being cautious during this pandemic.#dontrush #dontrushchallenge #staysafe

Posted by Lazy Basanti on Saturday, April 11, 2020

This challenge has provided many of us a much needed distraction from the stress brought on by the pandemic. It’s brought friends together to participate in something fun, even if they’re far away in their own homes and can’t see each other and hey, it’s blessed our timelines and newsfeeds with all these beautiful faces!

Have you tried this challenge yet? If you have, share it with us in the comments below! We’d love to see them all!

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