Pakistani Makeup Artist Rammal Mehmud; a woman who can BE ANYTHING she wants to be – literally

If you’ve been on social media for a few years you might remember “Rammal Mehmud Photography” back when there were only a handful of photographers that did candid photography for weddings.

A few years later Rammal began to dabble in makeup and who knew that before we’d know, she would literally shake the makeup world up in Pakistan?

In the amount of time people learn how to use eye-liner, she learned how to do full-on insane makeup looks – just by practicing on her own!

She started with soft & subtle makeup looks-

And eventually started moving towards brighter and more exotic colours

And before we knew it, she was creating ‘literal art’ on her face. One thing that really stood out was her depicting the ‘5 stages of grief

She even transformed herself into Mona Lisa!

Kim Kardashian

Jon Snow!?

Even Jack Sparrow!!

But the one look she ABSOLUTELY OWNED was:

She absolutely killed it by becoming an ACTUAL TRUCK!?!

Until Rammal did these transformations, no one had really known that you could do anything of the sort.
She literally REVOLUTIONIZED the makeup game in Pakistan and we are ARE SO here for it. ??????

  • Nighat Farrukh says:

    Proud of you rammal, love you loads

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