One Simple Ingredient From Your Kitchen That Can Give You Instant Salon-Like Hair

Can’t find a store bought hair mask that works for you? Your kitchen just might have the perfect thing to help!

We’ve all had days where our hair looks like we’re trying to impersonate Mufasa from The Lion King and can anyone really pull that look off?

That ONE Ingredient:

If your hair is having one of those days, one simple ingredient from your kitchen can be your savior! Mayonnaise! Yup, not some fancy hair mayonnaise but literal straight up mayo. It is made up of egg yolks, oils and vinegar that are all individually also amazing for hair! But in the form of mayo you don’t even need to mix anything.

All you need is:

1-3 cups of mayonnaise depending on how long and thick your
hair is and you’re good to go!

What to do:

  1. Start by spraying your hair damp with water, it makes it easier to work with
  2. Separate your hair into medium sections and start applying the mayo as you would conditioner
  3. Keep going until all your hair is covered
  4. Wait 20-45 mins (or as long as you can take smelling like a sandwich)
  5. Then simply wash off!

The Result:

You’ll have amazingly soft and shiny hair when you get out! It’s the best thing to tame super frizzy hair, the curlier girls can also use this to moisturize their curls! It also helps anyone with a drier scalp and is pretty effective in fighting dandruff. So there’s something it can do for everyone.

The scent might linger for a little bit but if you washed well enough it should fade away shortly!

Do you think this would work for you? What is your favorite thing to use on your hair when it’s acting a little out of control?      

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