Nida Yasir reveals her skincare routine [VIDEO]

Nida Yasir, the host of Good Morning Pakistan, revealed the secrets behind her flawless skin. Yasir has healthy, glowing, and even skin and she has spilled the beans on what she does to maintain it.

In the morning show, Nida discussed all the skincare brands that she opts for whenever she buys any skin product. The host talked about the makeup remover she uses which is especially suitable for those with sensitive skin. She revealed that after she is done with removing her makeup, she then cleanses her skin and afterward washes her face with a facewash. After the host washes her face, she then uses toner and a vitamin C spray by the Body Shop. Yasir then goes for vitamin E oil which she only applies to her eyes and not her full face. The host ends her skincare routine by applying a product to her dark circles under her eyes and a moisturizer.

Nida Yasir also briefed the list of makeup products she uses everyday for her daily makeup routine.

Watch the complete video here:

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