Makeup tips to make your eyes look bigger – Desi Pakistani hacks!

Have you ever felt like your eyes look really small after you finish doing your makeup?

Do you wish you understood why this keeps happening? 

These 3 simple tips will totally help you fix this common problem!

1. Your waterline makes all the difference 

The easiest fix is to use bright colors in your water line. Colors like beige or white are perfect to use in the waterline to make your eyes appear more open or bigger. 

But if you want to stick to black kajal and let your inner desi kweeeen shine, just avoid the inner corner of your eye!

Fade out the kajal when you reach the inner corner and you’ll see how you instantly look more awake! 

2. Your lashes are essential 

Using a good mascara on your lashes will lift them and give the illusion of a more put-together look. It’s super important to not miss your lower lashes. Sure, those don’t go up, but they add to the look of having wide-awake eyes. 

3. Speaking of lashes, Curl them!

Even though it may seem like the mascara does enough on its own, you’ll be surprised the difference curling your lashes really makes. Curl them once at the base and once at the very tips of the lashes and it’ll look like you’ve got natural-looking falsies on! 

hat are some of your favorite makeup tricks? We’d love to know!  

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