Latest trends to help you slay the looks this fall!

Makeup trends vary each year just like the clothing trends. One year, it might be all minimalistic with the focus on a bold lip and the other might make an intense highlight the center of attention.

This year’s fall makeup trend will excite many. If you want to know what the makeup gurus think will define fall 2020, then keep reading.

Fall 2020 makeup trend

Well for this year, the emphasis is on none other than the eyes. This is pretty much justified since we are still fighting the pandemic and might need masks throughout the year. A mask covers most of your face but who says you can’t look and feel beautiful while you wear the mask? Choose to play with colors and your eyes this fall and surprise yourself.

It’s about time that the minimalist makeup lovers broke the boundaries and played with colors because we all secretly want to, don’t we? So to summarize this year’s fall is all about colors and eyes.

Here are some funky makeup looks and colors to play with this fall.

These 2 eye looks will be the talk of the town this fall.

Add a pop of color in the inner corner of your eyes

This is a very unique idea but we love it and Dove Cameron is actually slaying this look. Pair this up with some puffy and dramatic falsies because that is what will look stunning with the look.

You don’t have to confine yourself to the usual light shades; you can replace them with funkier ones to go for a more extraordinary look. Go for yellow, orange, purple, electric blue or any color you want to.

Hazel and warm pink eye looks

This is something that will never go out of fashion in winter. Warm pink, hazel or deep red eye looks are every individual’s fall inspiration. You can even go for dull orange.

If you want a makeup look to shout ‘fall’, nothing is more appropriate than these looks and without them, the season is definitely incomplete.

Here’s a picture of our favorite makeup artist NikkieTutorials rocking the look and telling everyone how it’s done.

What are your views on this? Share with us in the comments bar below.

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