Jade facial rollers – what are they and what do they do?

Jade rollers have been the new “it” thing in the beauty community for a few months now. They are rounded Jade stones made into a roller similar to a paint roller. They’ve been popular in China since the 17th Century but have recently made its way over to the rest of the world.

Jade rollers are supposed to encourage lymphatic drainage of your face. People use them with their skincare routine to garner the best results.

Interested? Let’s walk through how you are supposed to use them!

The first step is to pop the Jade roller into your refrigerator! Gone are the days for cold cucumbers on your eyes, now we use cold jade rollers all over our faces! The stone stays cool for a really long time and it helps calm irritated skin a lot. You’ll feel nice and refreshed just from the coolness alone.

You can use this to work in your moisturiser, cleanser, anything! You name it! It’ll make for a much better application as you won’t be using your fingers to do it, as your fingers tend to absorb the product a lot and they also tug on your skin.

Lastly, you can use the roller to gently massage your face to encourage lymphatic drainage.

Even if you don’t see a massive difference in how your skin looks right away, you’ll definitely notice a difference in how your skin feels. It’ll feel fresh and awake all the time and you’ll love it!

Do you think this is something you’d give a shot? What’s your favourite beauty secret?

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