‘We’ve had enough of the photoshop’ Huda Kattan speaks against the promotion of unrealistic beauty standards

Society has set some unrealistic beauty standards. From thin waists to flawless skin, young girls are forced into believing that if they do not come up to these standards, they are not pretty. However, it seems like the makeup guru Huda Kattan is literally ‘done’ with the promotion of these toxic beauty standards and she decided to address the issue just like she has done many times before.

Kattan is not only famous for her makeup line but one thing that clearly distinguishes her from others is how she uses her platform to talk address the negative aspects of the beauty industry and she has mentioned from time and time again that she is absolutely done with them. Huda believes that if we choose to stay silent on these issues, they will only keep on increasing.

Recently, the makeup guru did a photoshoot for the GloWish campaign and she looked flawless. Kattan took to Instagram to share her photoshopped version of the picture showing the public how photoshop is done. She claims that she has had enough with over-editing pictures and so she wanted to show everyone how it would have looked like if they had chosen to photoshop and sell the ‘unrealistic’ beauty expectations.

The beauty blogger uses her influence very frequently to talk about how brands photoshop and edit pictures making their products look unrealistic. All of these are the strategies used to force one into buying the certain product.

What are your views on this? Share in the comments bar below.

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