How to make your own lip tint at home

Lip tints have become quite famous in the recent months or so and are taking the cosmetic market by storm. We can see all the major beauty bloggers flaunting different shades and brands making you drool over every shade.

Since no ‘makeup products’ fall in the easily affordable price range now due to the current inflation, it seems very hard to squeeze in an extra splurge.

All of us want to spend money on makeup like this.

Fear not, because you can easily make your own lip tint at home. How cool is that? All you need is:

Mixing bowl



Food colour

Chap stick or lip balm

Jar or a container

Cotton stick

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These ingredients are easily available at your nearest store and you will probably have them lying around. Start with a clean mixing bowl and pour in some glycerin. You don’t need to add carefully measured quantities as it won’t affect how the final product turns out. It will only affect the quantity of product made.

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For the next step, add in your chosen food colour. If you want a subtle look, add a small amount but if you want to go for a bolder look, add as much as you want. Then mix this mixture using a cotton stick or the end of a teaspoon.

Make sure there aren’t any lumps and everything is mixed well.

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Now you can test a patch on your arm or hand to see the texture and colour. If you think that the shade is light, you can add more food colour. You can also add a little bit of water if the mixture is thick or too sticky.

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Now for the final step, add a lip balm or Chapstick so that your lips stay moisturized. You can choose from so many options. You can even add a glittery lip balm so that your tint also has a hint of glitter. For the final step, pop the mixing bowl in a microwave for 30 seconds. This will melt the products and will help them to mix evenly. Once you take the mixing bowl out, mix the products once again to make sure they form a smooth mixture.

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Now that your lip tint is complete, you can store it in a jar or a container and use it to your heart’s fill.

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