How To Apply Foundation – 3 Tried & Tested Ways

The right application of your foundation does wonders to the overall look of your face. Luckily for you, we’ve narrowed down the process and here are 3 expert ways which can help you achieve a flawless foundation finish. They work differently on different skin types- you just need to find which one suits you the best!

Brushes vs Fingers vs Sponges


Fingers give you a lot of effective control over your foundation. (They do get the job done pretty well but i’m not a fan). If you use your fingertips for blending you’ll get a more custom finish as well as quick application. The warmth from your fingertips also helps in improving blendability in the product you’re using. Preferably you’ll want to use your ring finger as it applies the least pressure and works with more precision.

It’s also important to —always tap. and NEVER rub while applying the product for a more natural look when using your fingers.

Tip: Always remember to use sanitizer when touching your face with your hands. Dirty hands/fingertips can cause breakouts in sensitive skins.


Brushes are all about correct blending. Using a brush to apply your makeup is a great way to give your skin an airbrushed finish. Brushes are known for their precision and also for their blendability. You have a bunch of choices when it comes to brushes that can be used for foundation application. The best however is a kabuki brush or a flat-headed brush to get you the type of finish you want. However be careful
not to over apply the product as that will lead to a more cake-y or ‘painted’ look when paired with brushes. This is why blending correctly is key to a smooth finish.

Tip: Always start with a small amount of product, Build your way up from there.


Sponges help give a sheer & lightweight product application. Similar to using a brush, sponges are known for their evenly-blended flawless finish. The coverage they give is super build-able & the end result is smooth looking makeup that will probably last all day. Sponges do soak up more product than our fingertips or foundation brushes in comparison. Personally, i’m not a huge fan. Sponges almost always break me out. Keeping them clean is something my inner procrastinator always skips hence sponges get super dirty, super quickly in my case.
They are great for under-eye concealer blending though! (brushes do not do so well in that area).

Tip: Make sure your sponge is wet before using, for more even distribution of the product.

The difference between brushes, sponges and our fingertips, all lies in the product being used- powder or cream- and the amount of coverage required at the time. Using your fingers gives you a more controlled application while using a sponge gives you a lightweight yet extremely blended, flawless finish. A brush allows for more concentrated coverage.
I prefer using my favorite kabuki brush to blend out my foundation and it totally works for me! So for Me- Brushes are a win-win.
(then again it all depends on individual preferences)

A little trial-and-error goes a long way! Ultimately you’ll find the method you love the most. Good luck! Hope this helped.

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