Here’s how you can do your eyebrows at home with a razor!

The spread of the coronavirus COVID-19 has the whole world locked in for the past few weeks. We are all being as responsible as we can by staying inside and only leaving the house for super essential things. Since a lot of us didn’t see the lockdown coming, there’s one thing that crept up on us and left everyone regretting putting off that last appointment – our bushy desi eyebrows.

Not only do our eyebrows grow fast on the regular it’s like the lockdowns have initiated some sort of super speed in our hairy genes and are making them grow at the speed of light. With salons closed, we have to figure out how to do them ourselves.

*screams in the distance*
Trust me, you can do this!

What you will need:

A spooly

In a pinch, a clean old mascara want can work too.

Tiny scissors

Tinkle razors (You can still get these online despite the lockdown in physical stores)

Shaving cream (optional but highly recommended)

& Tweezers

So how do we do this daunting task ourselves?

Step 1: Take your spooly and brush your eyebrow hair upwards. (You’ll look crazy for a minute but stick with it)

Step 2: Trim your eyebrows to the length you prefer. It’s best to keep them on the longer side, you can always trim more but you can’t bring them back once they’re gone!

Step 3: Take your shaving cream and apply it to the top of your eyebrows (This will help prevent any razor burns). Shave downwards from your forehead to where your eyebrows start. Repeat the same on the sides.

Step 4: Grab your tweezers and get the hair under your brows. The skin on your eyelids is very thin and delicate, it’s best to get a hang of the razor properly before you experiment using them there.

Step 5: You can clean up the start of your brows with the razor to make everything all nice and sharp.

Fill them in as you usually would and you’re done!

In times like these, it’s important that we limit interactions with other people. Even though some salons are offering “home services” or are guaranteeing that their workers are tested negative for COVID-19, it’s not safe to risk it by availing these services. We are all more than capable of handling these things on our own until everything goes back to normal.

Have you ever shaved your eyebrows before? Would you be giving this a shot now? Let us know in the comments below!

Warning: When handling sharp objects such as razors practise extreme caution.

  • Shama says:

    Thanks for suggestion so we can do it at home.

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